Scuba Diving in Greece

The greatest philosophers bathed in these waters!

Dive into Greece

Marble cliffs fall into the turquoise water

There is an ancient beauty beneath the water and can it only be revealed the curious scuba divers of Greece. In the Greek waters, from amphorae loads of ancient ships to WWII fighter aircraft, many wrecks can be found dotted around the islands. In many places, there are caverns, caves, rock walls, reefs that invite scuba divers to Greece. Not to mention the marine life! Wildlife in the shallow rocky bays is richer, so most the islands boast excellent snorkelling opportunities.

From the islands in the north, the Ionian Islands, and the largest Greek island close to Africa, Crete, to the Aegean Islands to the east, each region shines in differently glory. Of course, the temperature of the water is higher toward the southernmost islands, in the Corfu area in summer 25 (but deeper only 20-21 degrees), while in Crete or Rhodes it is virtually constant at the depths available by scuba divers at 26-27 degrees.

scuba diving greece


Countless islands and Peninsulas await You!

The best spots for scuba diving in Greece are located in Chalkidiki, near the Olympic Riviera. But perhaps because of its amazing sights, Crete has the most plentiful scuba diving places in Greece. Caves and aeroplanes are waiting to be discovered. Rhodos's most famous diving site is Kalithea, where you can admire underwater caves. In addition, there are great natural features on the coasts of Zakynthos and Lefkada, which have a uniquely diverse seabed. It only depends on us, which place we choose to scuba dive in Greece!

Greece is a true diving paradise, since the Greek Islands are not a typical scuba diving destination, the local scuba diving guides specialize in beginner courses and test dives. Beginners can dive into the gradually deepening, near-shore places, and some of them are even suitable for children. On Sharewood you find the diving clubs that are involved in renting equipment, even a diving course can be completed during your vacation. So don’t miss out on scuba diving in Greece, look up now, how can you be the next bubble-maker!