Scuba Diving Gran Canaria

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Dive into Gran Canaria

The island with three continents on it.

Gran Canaria (or Grand Canary) listed on the top 100 diving spot, home to the UNESCO’s World Biosphere Reserve, and a unique scuba diving experience with one-of-a-kind sights. Gran Canaria, originally meaning the great island of the dogs, is the most diverse and second most populous of all the Canary Islands. Scuba divers of Gran Canaria will meet the same level of sundry vistas under the water and above. Many talks about the island as a miniature continent for drastically varying landscape and climate as we travel around the island, and if we let our fantasy go, it feels like visiting three continents at once.

This level of diversity provides endless opportunities on land, and in water. Hiking is one of the most recommended in our community, beside scuba diving in Gran Canaria. There are many trails around the island, some very long, some not so much. The longer ones are especially rewarding as these will lead you from palm trees, and sandstones to pines and snow. So don’t forget to dress in layers!

scuba diving gran canaria


Stop! It’s scuba diving only zone!

Gran Canaria is an all year round tourist attraction as the average temperature in the summertime is 26 – 28 and in winter time 22 -24°C. 160 beaches wait for the holiday-makers such as Maspalomas and laya del Inlés or San Agustín with its deep yellow sand. Still, lovers of water sports prefer the Puerto Rico beach. Even with the overpopulated shores snorkelling and scuba diving on Gran Canaria is far from hard to come by. There are protected sites just for diving. Shipwrecks, caves, reefs and yes, professional guides and accessible gear all are within reach, the best of which are listed on Sharewood!

Scuba diving around Gran Canaria and diving, in general, is of the finest leisure time activity you can choose. Diving zones of Gran Canaria are very easy to come by, but much harder to forget. 15 different maritime species call only this island their home, and they can only be visited by scuba diving.

May it be scuba diving wind, kite or regular surfing at Gran Canaria Sharewood can take care of the experience and the gear, learn more here!