Scuba Diving Croatia

There are countless coves and islands to start your scuba diving adventure

Dive into Croatia

Amazing on land, stunning underwater

The European go-to country for scuba diving is Croatia. Land of the thousand islands. The West-Balkan country maybe considered small, but its coast is no shorter than 1700 kilometres, and its people heart is just great. Any visitor will see how proud Croatians are about their land and sea. Even better, locals will talk about this to you in perfect English, or German!

The country is rich in islands and aquatic life which makes scuba diving in Croatia a very accessible water sport. Scuba diving spots are littered all over the region of Dalmatia and each one is a bit different. At the North, divers will encounter less touristic waters that are home to bottlenose dolphins and in the tourist paradise of the South monk seals. Scuba divers in Croatia have the option to choose from the most famous places of such as Split, Pula, Dubrovnik, Hvar or the capital of Zagreb to start their trip from, and they can end it on islands without a name. 

scuba diving croatia


Croatia has it all

The coastline and the transparent water are not only great for snorkelling or scuba diving in Croatia, but it boasts all sorts of water sports such as kiteboard or jetskiing. Yet, if we choose just the right places, scuba diving gives the most. In places like the Blue Cave, visitors stand – or rather swim – in awe of the natural beauty of this welcoming country.

Hungry and tired scuba divers of Croatia have not to walk home to eat well, as the sun-ripened grape makes for delicious wine, and the street kitchens and restaurants offer an endless choice of seafood and grills to dive into! With a full belly, it’s better to stay on land and take one of the countless, beautiful hiking tracks that the countryside has.

The temperature of the Adriatic Sea varies greatly, cooler in the North, and famously warm at South – 13°C degree in the winter, and 24°C in the summer. May it be any of the above-mentioned locations that you choose to scuba divers in Croatia you will never feel cold on the sandy beaches or in the translucent waters. Don’t rob yourself of the unforgettable feeling of scuba diving in Croatia.

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