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Turin the modern city of history

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Rent ebike in Turin and breeze through the city

The proud city of Torino invites everyone to behold its history and modern-day achievements - but be warned, as the city boasts close to a million people, and a classical Italian alleyway web, Sharewood recommends renting an ebike in Turin. More comfortable than a bike, faster than a car. 

Turin is the regional capital of Piedmont, an important cultural and business centre of Northern Italy lies equally between France and Switzerland. Moreover, Turin was the first capital of the Kingdom of Italy and a city of utmost importance throughout chronicles of Europe. This archaic setting serves as the cornerstone for the modern day tourism that flows into the city.

rent ebike turin


There are just too many interesting things to see!

If you plan the take the city between your leg, the most convenient way is to rent an ebike in Turin. This way you are free to travel at any hour of the day and pass the hassle of traffic. Any tourist map of the city will highlight countless sights just streets and blocks away from each other. Maybe a bit too close for a taxi-, but not too far for a bike ride. Some of these sights include the grand Piazza San Carlo, north of it, the Egyptian Museum of Turin, and more to the north Piazza Castello. These tree magnificent sights are within a mile radius of each other, in which we should mention another museum, three galleries, another three piazzas, and the lively alleys. I hope you see by now, why we recommend you to rent ebike in Turin.

Sharewood cannot provide a conclusive list all the amazing sights Turin provides because of the sheer number of them, instead, we offer you something else:

There’s numerous way to obtain a bike in the city, better or worse, but the community favourites you’ll find right here at Sharewood! Tours and guides are also available, just as different types of bicycles: cruiser, MTB, fat bike and more. Learn more and rent ebike for Turin here!