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Bolzano is the heart of three valley in Alps

Rent eBike in Bolzano

The city where the Middle-Ages are still alive

Bolzano, the capital city of South Tyrol in Italy boasts a long history. To explore this Alpine beauty in the car is a waste, on foot is a challenge, the right way is to rent an ebike in Bolzano. This medieval trade hub is home to the justifiably famous Italian Army’s Alpine High Command, castles, fortresses, manors, villas, and vineyards alike. Famous also for its culture the city hosts the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano where lectures are held in English, German and Italian. All these sights are scattered across the nexus of 3 valleys and 3 rivers. - A castle here a museum there.

In Bolzano, curious visitors will make acquaintance with history on every corner. Renovated castles, LARP events, festivals are all over the place! Sometimes, the distance can be huge, so Sharewood recommends renting ebike in Bolzano!

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Roncolo Castle, an illustrated manor house

Located just north of the city, the castle is easiest to reach if you rent ebike in Bolzano since the cycle path along the Talvera River leads right there. Built-in 1237 the castle was renovated and extended multiple times, today the stronghold gives an opportunity to visitors to relive some of the medieval legends. Besides organized programs, permanent exhibitions await you in the castle!

Mareccio CastlePictures

would show otherwise, yet the castle and its green garden are located right in Bolzano’s centre. The renovated, XIII century castle with its amazing panorama, serves as exhibition centre today. The castle is easy to reach on rented ebike. Bolzano’s climate is also great for outdoor activities.

The climate is mild. The average temperature rarely goes below 0 or higher than 23 degrees. Bolzano showcases the humid subtropical climate in the Alpine basin it occupies and perfect for all year round biking! A hundred thousand people call this wonderful townhome. 3 quarter of them speaks Italian, one German as the first language, and a minority of the traditional Ladin speakers live here.

Sharewood invites you to rent ebike in Bolzano explore this medieval wonderland with ease, because there is nothing more comforting than to travel with grace.