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Explore the orange city of studies and legends!

Rent eBike in Bologna

Rent eBike in bologna and travel smart!

Bologna, capital of Emilia-Romagna Region in Northern Italy, home to the oldest European university, and to countless folktales awaits you! Rent an ebike while at Bologna to explore the historical centre of the city of towers.

The medieval city of Bologna between 12th and the 13th century looked eerily like a 21st-century city with its 180 towers reaching for the Italian Sun. While the purpose of such construction is debated two main theory persists. One says that the towers are status symbols, the other, states they are offensive/defensive structures from a turbulent time. The duality of this theory-craft may as well be Fortuna’s joke as the most famous towers of Bologna are the Two Twins built by rival families.

rent ebike bologna


Rent an ebike in Bologna, take your adventure to the city! 

The ancient old walls of Bologna keep legends alive inside the city and help with hints for the keen-eyed. There are 3 arrowheads stuck in one of the thousand arches of Bologna’s very bikeable Strada Maggiore. According to the folklore, three assassins were distracted whilst doing their job by a beautiful lady and shot their arrows into the stone, instead of the flash.

Rented ebikes in Bologna takes you almost anywhere but to the fascinating underworld. Namely, the sinuous Roman underground aqueducts, webbing the historical city centre. While sadly, these aren’t rideable, they are most definitely visitable!

Outside of the bustling orange city, hidden on a wooded hill lies the Sanctuary of the Madonna di San Luca a beloved tourist site, and amazing architectural marvel. Despite the numerous visitors, many if not all forget to mention the way leading there. One is winding on the surrounding green hills, perfect getaway if you rent ebike in Bologna, the other, endless – breathtaking - steps straight from the heart of the city.

Bologna is a must-see on the “Italian Boot” so don’t turn down the possibilities presented by Sharewood. Travel safe and easy, rent ebike in Bologna with us.