Rent Bike Sardinia

The Italian island has history inland, and a tourist paradise on the beach

Rent Bike Sardinia

Why is Sardinia it the best to rent a bike on Sardinia?

Sardinia is a wonderfully diverse island 250 km long by 100 km wide in the Italian Mediterranean Sea. Well known around the world for its diving spots and well-preserved culture, the island has a lot to offer, but all of it scattered around the island. Therefore, the easiest way to get around is to rent an ebike on Sardinia. There are many trusted ebike provides and stations.

The greatest city of Sardinia is Cagliari or as locals call it Casteddu – located in the southern end of the landmass. The colourful, loud and vibrant city by itself is worth visiting, but the countryside is unmissable! The island offers a great many of activities and tourist attractions, with a one-of-a-kind view on the way. Enjoy the panorama with tranquillity from a rented ebike on Sardinia. The road might be long, but you don’t have to peddle, just as much as you want. 


rent bike sardinia


The options are limited only by the sea

The countless city bike routes are connected to the long cycle routes ending in mountain bike tracks, which is basically a universal guideline to get to anywhere on Sardinia. For example:

Miniera di Su Zurfuru (South-West) not alarmingly far from the regional capital, there’s the town of Fluminimaggiore, wherein bike tourists find the mines that deeply shaped this area.

“The Su Zurfuru Mine was one of the few in Sardinia with electricity from hydropower. The mine produced even enough energy to provide the nearby town Fluminimaggiore with electricity making it one if not the first electrified town in Sardinia. If one wants to experience what it meant to work at one of the Sardinian mines and how it influenced the region one should definitely visit the Su Zurfuru Mine!”

Cala Mariolu beach (East) is a natural wonder on the Tortolì city shores. The calm, azure water ever so slowly mounts the brilliant white sand to the point it's hard to distinguish one another. Bold, marble mountain ranges tower over the aquamarine water and give the perfect backdrop for taking pictures of the newfound tans. Biking here is easy, but since the water is hidden behind hills and cliffs, its easier to travel with ebike here on Sardinia.

On the coast facing Italy, visitors are welcomed by the natural reserve of Maddalena’s islands, the marine park of Lavezzi and the bustling aquatic life that inhabits them in the summer, and many many more places to be taken by a rented ebike in Sardinia. Simple bike, MTB, ebike or even diving gear: Find yours on Sharewood!