Rent Bike in Sicily

Explore the Parched Island of Cool Nights on Two Wheels!

Rent Bike in Sicily

The island, full of life worthy to be explored slow!

The largest of all the Mediterranean islands, one with the history of mankind, Sicily is now easier to visit then it ever was. The chance is here to rent a bike in Sicily and explore the sundry history and the muggy nights at your phase. Countless secret hides between the burnt-out grass, which recalls the flag of Sicily.

The conspicuous yellow and red flag of Sicily is characterized by the head of Medusa in the middle surrounded by 3 bent legs, and 3 wheat ears. The triangle emblem representing the shape of the island, but some says the also the Sun. This ancient figure is passed down to from the colonizing Greeks, who were not the first to visit Sicily. In fact, there are remnants of human civilization found here, dating back twelve thousand years. Sadly for these ancient cultures, bicycling wasn’t available until late 19th century, and renting a bike in Sicily this easy, wasn’t an option before Sharewood!




White sand, white snow, white walls – The star with three points

Above the triangle shape of Sicily, there are many landmarks to be mentioned and visited. First and foremost: Mount Etna, the tallest active volcano in all Europe, 35km north of the city Catania. It’s possible to rent a bike in Sicily and attend a bike tour – mainly MTB – here at the ashy and snowy mountainsides of Etna. Yet for those who prefer a more Down to Earth experience, Sicily has much to offer too.

As a matter of fact the entirety of the southern coastline - from Trapani through Marsala, Sciacca, Agrigento, Licata and Avola (to mention a few) to Syracuse – can be explored on bike, thanks to the interconnected cycle routes. Another tour route even connects the regional capital Palermo to the southern beaches. Many of the most famous sights are lined up here for display – just another reason to rent a bike in Sicily.

Historical memories are hardly distinguishable from the most inviting beaches, but whatever may draw you to the island, Sharewood helps you find it! Rent gear for water, and winter sports or rent a bike on Sicily with Us!