Rent Bike Garda

Endless season of holiday at Lago di Garda

Rent Bike Garda

Renting a bike at Garda means you don’t have to skip anything!

Lago di Garda (lit.: Lake of Garda) is the largest lake in Italy. The body of water lies in the centre of Northern Italy, halfway between Milan and Venice or Brescia and Verona. Sharewood recommends visitors to rent a bike in Garda, because the lake is surrounded by bike routes, and could be circumnavigated easily if it wasn’t for its size. 

158km shore is, for the most part, habited and kept excellently in an attractive state in all season. All season, because where in the summer tourists are invited for nonchalant bike tours in Garda, in the winter it lures visitors with fine ice-skating and other winter sports opportunities – for which you can also rent gear.


rent bike garda


Biking around is a breeze - Jumping in the lake is bliss

The size of the lake and the sights scattered around it makes up for a diverse holiday destination for the whole family. In any stop you can rent a bike around Garda, and when you saw what’s there to see you can just hop on a train, or car and go to the next town. There are countless forts on the lakeside, and abbey on the hillside. Chained on cobblestone roads; wine yards, manors turn into tourist centres with bars, restaurants and ice-cream shops and back again to rural landscape in the mater of kilometres.

In the South, there is maybe the most famous city of all, around Garda: Sirmione. As early as the 1st century BC, rich Roman citizens came to relax on the Sirmio peninsula - cutting elegantly into the calm lake. The poet Catullus wrote about the stunning lake, and the city of Sirmione, yet he and his fellow Romans missed out on the possibility to rent a bike at Garda, and forget about the wretchedness of walking.

Sharewood presents a myriad of bikes for rent at numerous locations around Lago di Garda. Mountain bike, ebike, city bikes, cruisers are all at your disposal, just as the necessary gear for water sports. Because yes, the water temperature can, and usually will reach up to 27°C!

Enjoy your vacation!