Rafting Italy

From North to South you can raft anywhere!

Find your Joy!

Rafting clubs in Italy are as numerous as streams and rivers!

It’s been said, that Italians are used to admire what others have, and are always ready to criticize the beauties before their eyes. The country is rich in history, culture and traditions, however; the journey such as the freshwater rafting in Italy is just outside of locations associated with those characteristics.

It is surprising to discover corners of paradise almost lost a few steps from home. Take Balmuccia or Postiglione for example: it's like a goldmine of adventure, some right in sight, others to be discovered - such as these places to raft and drift in Italy.

This is a fact known by Italians who, not only stay away from criticizing these adventures, but also praising this sports locations too. Stay with us as we present these great locations for rafting in Italy!

rafting italy


Watch out for these clubs!

First Postiglione , in Southern Italy, even more south than Naples – an all year round rafting paradise for water sports enthusiasts. Here, you’ll find the community favourite rafting club which offers these great experiences for you!

Experience rafting in Campania, along Tanagro or Sele. You will live an amazing excursion based on sport and fun! You will descend the river surrounded by beautiful natural landscape and an expert guide will assist you during the excursion. The duration is two hours.

A different experience awaits you in the rural North if you are looking forward for rafting in Italy: North from Milano, and Turin you’ll find Balmuccia, a small town and a rafting heaven. Also a community favourite club amongst Sharewood’s sportswomen and men!

Rafting here is a funny and exciting group sport and it consist on the descent of the river on rafts fit for 6 or 7 people plus the expert guide. Everybody who can swim can experience the emotion of the river descent. Before boarding the instructor provides information about the basic techniques, safety measures and the centre provides all necessary outfit and technical equipment. The experience lasts about 4 hours.

If you happened to be amongst the rolling hills of Piedmont, look for the sign: Campertogno!

Hope you’ll agree with us, that the diversity of the experience and the beauty of the country is a green light, on rafting in Italy. Yet if you look for something more, Sharewood has it all – take a look!