Pulpit Rock Norway

Exploring the amazing Pulpit rock Norway

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Exploring the amazing Pulpit rock Norway

There are so many stunning places that are worth being visited in this world and Norway is definitely one of them. The land of the fearless Vikings, Norway has much more than an interesting culture and history. The country also has breathtaking natural moments that attract tourists from all over the world. If you want a bit more adventure during your vacation and get back home with you gorgeous views, then we strongly recommend taking a hike up to the Pulpit rock Norway. It has one of the best views over the Norwegian fjords and it’s a great way to exercise while spending time in the outdoors. Got you interested? Then do take the time to find out more about it.


  • A major touristic attraction

Believe it or not, the Pulpit rock Norway, also known as the Preikestolen or Preacher’s Chair, manages to attract a rather impressive number of tourists in the area. Where is it located more precisely? You can find it in Forsand, in the Rogaland County. Located next to the Lysefjorden, one of Norway’s most beautiful fjords, the Pulpit rock is actually a tall cliff, with a height of 604 meters or 1,982 ft., featuring a wide plateau at the top. So, once you reach the top, you won’t be able to catch your breath but also enjoy mind-blowing views over the entire fjord and surrounding area. Most certainly it will be an experience you will not regret.

  •  Getting ready to face the walk to the cliff

While there are intentions for a project that will pave the road to the Pulpit rock Norway, due to the increasing attention this objective is getting, at the moment you will have to hike if you want to reach its top. Practically, you need to be ready to walk 3.8 kilometers or 2.4 miles. It is not such a long walk, but you will need to be ready by wearing the right shoes and having the right equipment. Don’t worry if you didn’t prepare yourself for such an adventure, as you can easily rent all the gear and equipment you need for this outing. Sharewood.io is one of the best places online where you can find all sorts of outdoor equipment for rent. All you need is a computer or any other device connected to the Internet and you’ll be able to rent everything you need with just a few clicks. It is really great to know that you are actually able to do anything you want without having to carry equipment with you at all time.

  • See a different part of Norway

The cities of Norway are great and the country is a great retreat especially during the summer when temperatures can be rather high in other parts of the world. But, if you want to add unique memories to your timeline, have the courage to escape the patterns and see a different side of Norway, the wild and untamed part. The Pulpit rock Norway is probably one of the best ways to do that and you will certainly not regret living this experience.