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Locals recommend experiencing Palma on bike

If you plan to see Palma for the first time in your life, then most certainly you will want to see as much as possible of this gorgeous and exotic city. But, as we all, know, time flies by quickly when we're on vacation, so, before you even know, your time is up and you have to return home, seeing only half of what you wanted. Well, since you are already planning your trip to Palma, do know that you have the chance to experience Palma on bike. In fact, many of the people living here recommend this type of exploration, as it allows you to see a big part of the city's beautiful surroundings while allowing you to have fun and enjoy your time in a pleasant manner.

A fun activity that the entire family can enjoy together

Due to the fact that Palma has a long and straight cycling route along its shoreline, which removes the danger of traffic or stumbling upon pedestrians, seeing Palma on bike is an activity that anyone can enjoy. The kids will definitely love cycling next to the sea, on a route that was specially set up for cyclists, having the impressive length of 30 kilometers, if you take the route and return. But, don't worry, as it is a very simple route, with no ups and downs, just pedaling forward until reaching the destination. Of course, you can stop on the way and see some of Palma's beautiful sights, so it is going to be a very pleasant way to spend a day in Palma.

palma on bike


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Since it is very less likely to bring along bicycles for the entire family, how can you enjoy Palma on bike without any bikes? Who said you won't have bikes when you can easily rent all the cycling you need for your family? And there is a great way of doing this, without sitting in queues for hours and without risking to rent poor-quality equipment, because all the good one was already cleared out. You can avoid all these and enjoy the best prices on the market if you access With the help of this online marketplace, you can travel anywhere you want, including in Palma, and rent the desired sports equipment once you reach your destination. It is convenient, simple, and hustle-free, and you'll be able to enjoy all the activities you want during your vacation. 

Don't miss a great way to spend your time in Palma

But, Palma has more to offer than a simple cycling route. If you are a passionate cyclist or a person that enjoys doing sports at a higher level, then you can see Palma on bike at a more challenging level. The city is surrounded by roads that take you away from the hustle and bustle of the urban area, taking you on curvy roads up on the surrounding hills. And considering that the weather here is always pleasant and sunny, having the breeze to caress you at all times, cycling in Palma is among the best things you can do on the island.