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Italy is often times associated with its superb cuisine pasta, pizza and the greatest wines but truth be told, there’s much more to the country. You’ll find adventures indoor or outdoor in Italy on every corner! After a refreshing pauza di pranzo tourists may seek out colourful events, trips, tours and all sort of sporty activities! The true outdoor Italy is not easy to find, but there are people who are willing to show you, and to tag along for a snow bob ride, or hike!

We at Sharewood advise you to take a look behind the corner and explore the hidden gems all around the country. Let’s look at some of these interesting possibilities!

outdoor italy


Outdoor Experiences in Italy

Do you like the snow? We have a handful of idea for you! Try out a dog sledging experience in Lacarone, Italy! This one, of the many outdoor adventures the country offers you, is a full day on the snowy mountains to taste this amazing sport. Absolute beginners are welcomed! Theoretical and practical lessons are provided before the experience starts. Lead 4 dogs through the snowy mountain range and chill!

For a more modern experience try CiaspoBob, backpack and bob in one. In Corinaldo you’ll find this particular all-in-one compact and winter sports tool that will change the way you think about travel. Pack your gear into it, then sit on it and ride down the hill. When down, just take on the snowshoes from the bob and trek on! Recommended for any winter sports enthusiast!

Do you prefer summer time activities? We have cherry-picked the best for you! Liguria, Piedmont, Rome, Florence all boasts a blooming cycling culture and Bologna is no different! Explore the orange city of studies and folklore on provided bikes and guide. Learn the history, visit the amazing sites. This tour will guide you through the beautiful landscapes surrounding the Reno River, green parks and little bridges will be your path to the heart of Bologna, where you'll have lunch in a typical downtown tavern. With your stomach full of local goodies, you'll be ready to resume the tour and reach the stunning Church of San Domenico.

But if you prefer a countryside trip as adventuring outdoors in Italy, then this bike tour in Maremma is made for you! This is a real paradise for MTB lovers and you can try with an electric bike too! With the famous Cala Violina beach - awarded as one of the most beautiful Italian beaches - the bandite bike trails offer a series of beautiful locations and courses for each level of bikers. Yet, if you would like to change two, to four wheels, you can do that too!

A weekend of surf skate in Forte dei Marmi, Versilia. The offer includes private skate surfing lessons. Lessons are presented in easily digestible parts with the young local skaters! Surf on the asphalt! Would you like to leave the skate park and explore the long stretching road? Then take a look at the longboard curse at Milan! This course is structured to teach the basic techniques of longboard cruising for beginners with the aim of acquiring mastery of board, balance, position, thrust, driving, curves, braking.

This wasn’t a conclusive list of adventures in the great outdoors of Italy by any means! You’ll find even more things to do on Sharewood!