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From Survival to Recreation!

Italy is often times associated with its superb cuisine pasta, pizza and the greatest wines but truth be told, there’s much more to the country. You’ll find equal indoor or outdoor adventures in Italy on every corner! After a healthy pauza di pranzo tourists may seek out colourful events, trips, tours and all sort of sporty activities! The true outdoor Italy is not easy to find, but there are people who are willing to show you, and to tag along for a snow bob ride, or hike!

We at Sharewood advise you to take a look behind the corner and explore the hidden gems all around the country. Let’s look at some of these interesting possibilities!

outdoor adventures italy


Check out these outdoor adventures in Italy

Do you prefer the wilderness? Do you remember the Survival game? Have you ever heard of Bear Grills?
Well, apart from eating cockroaches or other strange animals everything else could happen to you too! “Extreme Reality Adventure” consists of a mission that can be organized with a single team or with rival teams. During the activity, which always has a start to "surprise", you will face challenges, physical, mental and strategic, you will confront with maps, objective difficulties to overcome!
Or would you like to take on the mountains? Then this might be for you!

Two days course on the legendary walls of the Orc Valley (Piedmont, Turin). The course includes an Alpine guide to learn rock climbing and climbing techniques, using fast darts (and friends) and related safety manoeuvres. The goal of the course is to be able to climb independently on walls and improve your technique on cracks, blades and plaques.

Looking for recreation and calmness?
Look no further than Alessandria between Turn and Geona where you may take part in one of the many outdoor adventures in Italy: For example a one-day intensive Nordic Walking course! This course trains the student to the principles of a walk about the four supports (poles), to control the posture and the right and correct movement for a Nordic walk in safety. Enjoy a sunny walk in nature.

All in the unexpected, “wild and hostile" environment of the organized outdoor adventures in Italy. This wasn’t a conclusive list of great outdoor adventures in Italy by any means! You’ll find even more things to do on Sharewood’s Experience site!