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Explore the outdoor activities of Italy on land and water!

Italy is often times associated with its superb cuisine pasta, pizza and the greatest wines but truth be told, there’s much more to the country. You’ll find equal indoor or outdoor activities in Italy on every corner! After an ample pauza di pranzo tourists may seek out colourful events, trips, tours and all sort of sporty activities! The true outdoor Italy is not easy to find, but there are people who are willing to show you, and to tag!

We at Sharewood advise you to take a look behind the corner and explore the hidden gems all around the country. Let’s look at some of these interesting possibilities!

outdoor activities in italy


Check out these outdoor activities Italy

Are you looking for a wild ride on snowy hills?
Well then, if your passion is snowboarding and you want to perfect the technique, we offer you courses at all levels: from beginners to experts and even freestylers! Visit Cimoncino or Siror community favourite outdoor activity guide and learn to snowboard!
For an “Alpine Safari” take a turn to Valsavarenche! A snowshoe trekking experience is suitable for everyone to explore the trails that start from the Cogne or Ceresole Reale countries. Visitors might even spot the fauna of the Park: foxes, gooseberries and chamois in the immaculate winter environment.

Or maybe you cherish water in a more liquid form? Bene!
In Palau and Pellaro (to mention two) you’ll face a real outdoor adventure in Italy: windsurfing! Have you ever tried it? Yes, no? Doesn’t matter because with the superstable boards you will quickly learn how to start driving, rolling, turning and gliding in light wind. You will overtake the course with ease! And if you want, you can apply for the exam to receive the VDWS patent and diploma.

Yet if you plan to involve the whole family – as a good Italian would do, we reckon rafting! You children will love this tailored rafting experience in Val di Sole! This two-hour tour is perfect to learn the basics and have a lot of fun with all the family! The adventure is made for children, but really everyone can take part.

All in the unexpected, “wild and hostile" environment of the organized outdoor activities in Italy. This wasn’t a conclusive list of great adventures in Italy by any means! You’ll find even more things to do on Sharewood’s Experience site!