Multi-Sport Adventure in Salento

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Rome, Milan, Venice and Florence are great destinations for good food, great wine, amazing fashion and the atmosphere of romance. All these reasons ensure Italy remains a country many want to visit! Now Salento, Italy's south-coastal secret treasure, is gaining popularity as a tourist destination. The official Agenzia Regionale del Turismo promotes Salento as “a boarder(sic) land embraced by two seas, miles of coastline and where white sandy beaches give way to secret coves and cliffs”. 

Rock, sea, sun, ancient cultures, deeply rooted traditions and people with whom it might be hard to break the ice with, but it definitely leads to wonders!

The Salento Peninsula is a landmark of the Italian Boot bordering, the Adriatic Sea and the Ionian Sea, and it is without a doubt one of the most beautiful countryside of wonderful Italy is. The charming endless beaches on the Ionian Sea, sandy shores and the blue and green hills, the shimmering sea of fifty shades, and the shores of the Adriatic coast with small sandy coves cornered with cliffs - it's just amazing.

multi-sport adventure in salento


Let’s dive into it!

This is where the setting of our multi-sport adventure in Salento. Come dive into its amazing sea and enjoy a multiactivity adventure! Puglia waits for you for an incredible week entirely dedicated to discovering the beauties of this land, feeling the thrill of night diving sessions between caves and relics. A holiday far from being ordinary, that will let you fully know Salento, its food, and its traditions.

The end of the multi-sport adventure leads to the southernmost point of Salento that is Leuca, where we may dive into the foam of the sea from a boat. But only after we have photographed ourselves with the southernmost point of the Italian east (Punto Ristola) and the lighthouse in the background, or maybe we went through the cathedral.

Climbing, diving snorkeling and more, set off for an unforgettable trekking and live Salento in a completely new way with Sharewood!