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The Region of Liguria covers the North-Western coast of Italy, South of Piedmont.  Visiting bikers will find more than a hundred different MTB tour in Liguria at the picturesque countryside of rolling hills and farmlands.  The numerous options ensure that everyone finds what is right for them. These MTB tours range in length from 10 to 120km and in elevation from 0 to higher than 1500m. They scattered all around the province making Liguria a real MTB paradise.

The Region Liguria has the ambitious plan to develop a cycle network in Liguria - the Rete Ciclabile Ligure, with 857 kilometres of bike routes.  Close to 600 kilometres of the network is already in place and counting. Mainly following the beautiful coastline, this highway of bicycles makes the region appealing for tour bikers of all kind. As Sharewood connects You, with more than one kind of bike renters in many places, it’s possible to travel on the bike between two MTB tours in Liguria!


mtb tour in liguria


Liguria offers traditional holiday options too

The region is famous for more than an MTB tour in Liguria, there’s Genova the regional capital, its history and the beaches just to mention a few. Genoa was once racing for the title of “the greatest trade hub of Europe” and today it’s the sixth largest city in Italy and the busiest port in the Mediterranean Sea. Parts of the city have been recognized by UNESCO and most of it is good to go on a bike.

The rich history of the city and surrounding region is most well-known for the period when it boasted the Republic of Genoa from 1005 to 1797. As the so-called Maritime Republic - alongside with Pisa, Venice, and Amalfi – trading, banking, and shipbuilding made up for most of the city-state’s income, and at one point made possible to own the largest and most powerful navy in the Mediterranean. 

Shipbuilding and seafaring culture must have plenty of waterfronts, and so do Liguria. The 350-kilometer coastline is mostly rocky, and high, except for the two natural harbours of Genoa and La Spezia. The seafront is scattered with small beaches – some of with are interconnected with an MTB tour in Liguria – such as Finale Ligure, Saracen Bay, Balzi Rossi and many many more.

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