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MTB and wine? Yes!

If you plan a wild ride then a MTB experience in Piedmont is what you’re looking for, and that starts in Turin. Turin is the regional capital of Piedmont, an important cultural and business centre of Northern Italy lies equally between France and Switzerland. Moreover, Turin was the first capital of the Kingdom of Italy and a city of utmost importance throughout chronicles of Europe. This archaic setting serves as the cornerstone for the modern day tourism that flows into the city. And bikers flow out to the superb treks.

If you plan the take the countryside between your leg, the most exciting way is to part take in a MTB experience in Piedmont.  This way you are free to explore wherever you please and live the adrenaline rush you’re looking for.  Any biker map of Piedmont will highlight countless treks just a hill and a valley away from each other. 

MTB experience in Piedmont


The rampancy calls for a plan

Luckily, Sharewood lists the community favourite guided MTB experiences in Piedmont. The choices are abundant still. Whether you look for a wine tasting weekend spent in Turin, or a more challenging experience that abandons the city completely – you’ll find what you look for on Sharewood.

The weekend MTB experience in Piedmont visits the Langhe territory. This MTB tour begins on the Turin Hill and in the historic centre with an aperitif on top of the skyscraper. The next day is dedicated to the cycling tour in Langhe, with wine tasting.

Another option would be the spectacular mountain bike ride from the Alps to the sea, on the ancient Via del Sale between Piedmont and Liguria. From Limone Piemonte to Ventimiglia, along the famous and ancient Via del Sale, a unique time to connect the Ligurian coast to the Piedmont plain. This tour lasts for three days.

Both include an expert guide, the MTB and both organizers are happy to help with accommodation too! Learn more about these community favourite MTB experience organisers in Piedmont, right here on Sharewood!