Mexico Diving California Sur

Few places are as vivid as the Gulf of California

Dive into California Sur

Sea of Cortés, a hidden gem

By its full and majestic name: the “Free and Sovereign State of Baja California Sur” shelters amazing, sun-drenched spots in Mexico for diving around California Sur. As the name implies, the region lies on the southern half of the beautiful Baja California Peninsula, surrounded by the Pacific Ocean on one, and the by the Gulf of California, or the "Sea of Cortés" on another side.

Opportunities in Mexico for diving are not just around California Sur, yet Sharewood will show you why our community chooses this cape!

The ocean regulates the Gulf’s water to a sub-tropical level are, refreshingly cool compared to the sometimes burning heat of land. The average sea temperature is between 16 and 28 degrees depending on season and location. The most diverse place in Mexico for diving is California Sur! You can find it all in close here!

mexico diving california sur


Leave the land behind

The main diver-magnets are lined up on the sunny Cortés seafront such as Mulegé, Cabo Pulmo, Loreto, La Paz and Los Cobos on the very end of the jugged peninsula. If you are willing to leave the land for good, you may take residence on a boat or yacht and take part in the best of Mexico’s dives of California Sur found in the Pacific. Dive into the oceans of the volcanic archipelago of Revillagigedo, and explore the elusive pelagic life of Socorro Island.

The experience of Mexican diving around California Sur wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the wildlife. Divers have a chance to come face to face with humpback whales in the deep blue or a leatherback sea turtle around rocky reefs, and stone pillars. Not to mention the vivid plant life beneath!

The oceanic islands are less protected by the raging oceanic currents compared to the calm sites in the Gulf of California. Choose your destination accordingly. Diverse on land, and in water, Mexico’s diving in California Sur’s bustling sites are adventures for life. Sharewood offers easy, and reliable experience into this marvel!