Madesimo Italy Ski

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Rent Your Ski in Madesimo

Skiing in Madesimo may be just what you need this winter

  If you don’t have any plans made for this winter’s vacation then you’d better hurry because all the good spots in Madesimo are being occupied. Madesimo Italy ski resort is a beautiful location very close to the Swiss border and to Lake Como. Not to mention that Milan is just 138 kilometers away. So, yes, this is a rather appreciated and popular ski resort, which is also due to the fact that snow here tends to last longer than in other areas. Here, the ski season starts in November and lasts until late in the spring, so you have several months in a row to come to Madesimo to enjoy the local atmosphere and great ski slopes.

Unforgettable skiing adventures and breathtaking views

If you choose Madesimo as your winter destination, then you’ll have 60 full kilometers of slopes at your disposal. Even if cross-country skiing is the sport you appreciate the most, it is still worth visiting this ski resort due to the fact that there are 25 kilometers of trails for this particular sport as well. The amazing Ski Express, the fastest and most modern cable railway that travels underground will take you on the slopes in a matter of minutes, so you won’t lose time and start your adventure as soon as possible. But, there is also a generous parking area, with fast and easy access. Because it was wished for Madesimo to be a clean resort, there’s no traffic here and the parking area is secluded by mountains, for a safe and authentic vacation in an eco-friendly manner.

Madesimo Italy Ski


Renting ski equipment was never easier

  If you choose to spend your winter holidays traveling, discovering new resorts just like Madesimo, then you’re probably used to renting ski equipment. But did you know that there’s a more convenient way of renting the equipment you need without waiting in queues? The solution is called and it is the biggest and more reliable sports gear rental service in Europe. Even if you used to take your equipment along, now you know about this convenient option so that you lower the number of luggage you’re taking with you. Just compare equipment pieces online and rent the ones you desire by simply performing a few clicks. This way, you’ll make sure that you have everything you need once you reach Madesimo Italy ski resort.

Skiing and many other fun activities wait for you in Madesimo

While skiing and winter sports are the most common activities in a ski resort, there are quite a few other fun activities you can do here. You can go ice-skating within the resort, enjoy the local fitness center, or the gym. If you want to have an unforgettable dinner, visit the alpine hut at night that is located at the edge of a frozen lake and this will certainly be something that will provide an authentic experience. Also, don’t forget to try the local small restaurants that prepare delicious dishes by using the unique local cuisine. Besides skiing, Madesimo Italy ski resort can certainly be a destination for a gourmand as well.


Choose to ski in Madesimo and you will not regret it

Madesimo is an extraordinary ski resort, located in an area in Italy that is not just gorgeous but also gives you the opportunity to visit amazing places. So, Madesimo Italy ski will mean amazing slopes covered in snow for months in the row, the great opportunity to visit the charming Lake Como, and the possibility to enjoy a day trip to Milan, which is just 138 km away from your ski resort. Regardless if you decide to visit this resort in November or late March, snow will be waiting here because the location of the resort is conveniently placed between the mountains, where temperatures stay cooler for longer periods so the snow won’t melt anytime soon.


Experience probably the best underground railway system in Europe

When you arrive at Madesimo, you won’t have to stick to skiing in one single area. Feel free to exploit all the 60 kilometers of ski slopes and an additional 25 kilometers of trails for cross-country skiing, which spread over Campodolcino and Piuro as well. Reaching them won’t be a problem, considering that the areas have the Sky Express, which is an ultra-modern cable railway system made unground for speed and convenience. Practically, you’ll be only minutes away from the desired slopes, so don’t allow anything to come in between you and a great time in Madesimo. Of course, if you want to travel by car, you will find a very generous parking area that is hidden by the mountains, so that the environmental impact caused by traffic on the resort to be minimal. The idea is to allow you and your loved ones to spend an incredible vacation in a clean environment.

madesimo italy ski


You have the best ski rental service at your disposal

It doesn’t matter if you travel by car or by plane because less luggage is always better. When you have a highly convenient and comfortably rental service for the gear you need, there’s really no point in bringing in your own equipment. Don’t worry, because this service does not imply interminable queues. We are talking about, which is an amazing online platform that allows people to rent sports equipment all around Europe. It is extremely easy to use, very safe, and comfortable at the same time. With just a few clicks, you can check and compare the available equipment, and rent it in a matter of minutes, all of this while sitting in a warm room, accompanied by a cup of hot cocoa. 


Entertainment and great food are also available in Madesimo

Madesimo Italy ski is not just about outdoor sports, but also about the culture of the area, about entertainment and having a great time, and, of course, about enjoying outstanding food. So, don’t hesitate to visit the beautiful surroundings, like Splungen Pass and Valle Spluga, to try one of the amazing restaurants in the region that serve traditional foods and wine, and, if you have an active and healthy lifestyle, to spend some quality time in the gym and fitness centers, or have fun at the local ice-skating ring.