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   The phrase 'Fascinating and charming' may be overused to depict towns and places, but as the city of Lucca in Tuscany is, Lucca has earned every right to be referred to in this regard!  This lovely town of Lucca has been in existence since the medieval times; this famous city went through time to give us a glance of its enduring culture and the rich history.

The first thing that will catch your attention in Lucca is the surrounding era walls of Renaissance which was used to defend the town in the olden days energetically. The top parts of the era-walls have become a pedestrian walkway and have now been known as one of the principal attractions in town due to the spectacular panoramas it offers.

Today, this fortification has earned Lucca its character, collectively with its paved streets, beautiful coasts, lovely piazzas, and blossoming surroundings. Most of the important actions take place with the historic center which happens to be your first place of contact during your vacation. Here, you can freely move on foot or bike around the historical center. If you are on holiday to Lucca and you are thinking of how to get a bike or bring your back along with you, do not bother again about it as there are many Lucca bike rental services that are ready to provide you excellent bikes for your trip or tour in Lucca city. Renting a bike for your tour will make visiting someplace like the old church and art galleries easier for you. 

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A short ride to an excellent Lucca restaurant for whichever meal you choose with a top-up of a glass of Lucca local favorite -the Lucchesi wine is good for your relaxation. Very close to Lucca is the famous town of Pisa, regularly visited for its Leaning Tower. A train line links Lucca and Pisa, and the ride between these two places is just about 21 minutes.

One important religious building to explore while in town via biking hired from Lucca Bike rental, is San Michele, which is adorned with twisted columns, loggias, and arcades. Apart from San Michele, there are some other notable churches worth visiting like San Pietro Somaldi, San Frediano, and the Duomo. One visible place in the  Duomo, in particular, is a famous sculpture called Tomb of Ilaria del  Carretto, a magnum opus done by Jacopo Della Quercia in 1410.

There are numerous famous places you need to visit during your tour in Lucca and the best transport mode to hire for you to get the maximum enjoyment and coverage is biking.  Giardino Botanico (Botanical Garden) is a favorite tourist spot offering its shade, its natural beauty, and serenity. 
If you don't feel like biking all day long, you can go around town on foot just like a local folks do. 
Today, many people are renting bikes from Lucca Bike rental as a great way to move around parts of the city, as well as saving costs on gas as well as saving costs of lugging in your bicycle.

 Bike rentals are available in every nook and crannies of Lucca, and you should not bother about getting one for your vacation ride.