Lake Bled Summer Biking

To summit he rides, to vale, she descends

Ride to the lake

Lake Bled invites you this summer for a bike ride

There is a path that crosses the Alps, allowing the avid adventurers to admire the incredible view and the breath-taking landscape, not from the grey car window, but from a bike! The Alpe Adria Cycle Route is a fresh tour crossing Austria, and Slovenia to end in Italy. The best part is, it is practically unknown to the general public! The destination is set, Alpine skies are clean, everything is in order for a tour to Lake Bled as a summer biking vacation!

If what you are looking for is an active, challenging but extremely stimulating holiday, you can stop looking; you have found exactly what you are looking for! Join us and travel 315 km, from Salzburg to Lake Bled for summer biking this year!

lake bled summer biking


OK, the plan is:

The “Cycling adventure between Salzburg and Lake Bled” is not to be tossed aside by experienced bikers, and nature lovers! Day after day, this tour takes the participants through the most characteristic parts of Austria, to arrive at the magical lake of Bled for a summer biking. The ride is long, but not impossible. With a good bed waiting for you each night, you will conquer the mountains fresh in each morning.

The initial meeting point is in Salzburg, a city that is always lively, full of concerts and cultural activities, perfect to breathe the typical Austrian atmosphere, in the city that gave birth to Mozart.

After we leave the city behind the attention is more focused on the natural beauties of the countryside. Such is the Salzach Vally, with the Hohenwerfen Castle towering over it. From here summer bikers toward Lake bled may immerse in the stunning view.

Several valleys, hills and the tall mountains of 3000m later, you will arrive at the Drava River accompanied first with Spittal and then Villach, two beautiful Austrian towns, attracting tourists from all over Europe, with the beauty of the surrounding mountains and the towns themselves.

The end of the tour begins with a nice summery ride around the town of Kranjska Gora, one of the most popular ski resorts in Slovenia. The tour then continues through the beautiful forests of the Krma Valley, to get to the Slovenia and Lake Bled: the pearl of our summer biking - a place with the atmosphere of fairy tales. At Lake Bled you can relax by choosing between a quiet boat trip to the islet and church on it, or a coffee accompanied by the magnificent central European kremšnita cake.

Day after day your rode to the Lake, but as you arrived your sweat turned into gold. The lake is calm, the forests are inviting. You made it! Some days you biked more than 50killometers, but it was all worth it. If you want to feel this way, join Sharewood on our tour to Lake Bled for this year’s summer biking.