Kitesurf camp a Zanzibar

Kitesurf camp a Zanzibar – Tanzania

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The African country circled by water

If you are looking for a complete holiday, we have one in store for you which will be a unique experience for life. Our kitesurf camp in Zanzibar lets you experience a more than complete adventure. If you are a lover of the sea, of outdoor sports, of the tropical climate and long, heavenly beaches nestled among the palms, you have ended up on the right web page. Here at Sharewood, we work hard to offer our customers a dream vacation!

The kitesurf camp that we organize in Zanzibar is suitable for everyone. If you are a beginner or you have not had the chance to enjoy this sport it will be an excellent opportunity to try your hand at a new experience. If instead you have already practised and want to improve our instructors will guide and advise you to perfection. Even the most experienced kiters are welcome. This fantastic island offers spots with an intensity of wind and waves suitable for all levels. It is simply the perfect place.

Zanzibar is an archipelago very close to the coasts of Tanzania. They are in fact separated by only 40 km of Indian Oceans. The two main islands are Zanzibar and Pemba. Nearby there are also other smaller islets. The waters are crystal clear, the beaches of fine sand and white. It is the perfect place to play sports and relax on a tropical beach! It is certainly not by chance that we have chosen it for our kitesurf camp in Zanzibar!

kitesurf camp zanzibar


 Who would have thought?

The most renowned destination for kitesurfing is on the main island and is represented by the Paje beach. What makes it perfect? The water has an average temperature of around 27 degrees throughout the year, which makes it possible to surf even without a wetsuit. In addition, the perfect months for kiting are those between March and December. In particular, those between July and September are those with the most stable weather conditions.

There are two winds that blow more frequently, Kusini and Kaskazi. The first comes from the south and is more constant. The Kaskazi instead blows mainly in the winter months and is more variable. The force with which they blow is normally between 15 and 20 knots. These conditions simply make a kitesurf camp in Zanzibar perfect.

The temperatures and climate in Zanzibar are warm and constant all year round. You will not need any specific precautions when you think about preparing the suitcase. The only recommendation we can give you is to bring a good sunscreen and a shirt to replace the suit.

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