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   Italy has been in existence since the prehistoric era with remarkable civilization. According to history, it has been a key pivot and influence of the European culture right from the time of the Etruscan community to the period of the dominating Roman Empire. Italy was also the center of arts and science in the days of Renaissance and middle age. There has also been a significant influence on the Christian religion. For instance, the Vatican, which is governed by the Pope, is an independent state.

The religious influence of Italy has also been far reaching. The Vatican, which is the seat of the Catholic Church, is an independent state within Rome that is governed by the Pope (or Bishop of Rome).
Tourism in Italy is something of Fun for Everyone locals and tourist who visit Rome. Visitors amass to Italy every year to enjoy the museums and art galleries and also learn about the many historical landmarks and the beautiful outdoor scenery in Italy. Italy has pretty much to offer to all individual whether groups, clubs or organizations that are on vacation.

The Beaches of Italy are places to visit. The Mediterranean Sea houses some of the most beautiful beaches in the continent, and there are many Vacation Resorts.

The Mediterranean Sea offers some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and many vacation resorts located on the coasts with a mass of sun-soaking sand, umbrellas, and lounge chairs. Beaches in Italy are famous for their safety and cleanliness. For example, Apulia, Abruzzo, Tuscany, and Calabria are part of the regions where beaches were freshly awarded the Blue Flag award which is given to beaches that are clean and also offer safe bathing locales.

It is a Nature Lover's dream land, where they can explore rugged and outdoors terrain of Italy. Mountains, Lakes, plants and unique animals are numerous throughout Italy's parks. There are many National parks located in Calabria, Apulia, Sardinia, Sicilia, Piedmont, Tuscany, and the Marches.

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   Tourists enjoy touring unique Italian botanical gardens which are over thirty in numbers. There is also the opportunity to explore the museums, the beautiful galleries, and landmarks. There are unique museums which feature different cars of world brands, science and technology, entertainment, and archeology scattered all over the Italian states to suit individual tastes. For the Bike lovers or bicyclist, each province offers out of this world bike trails for touring the various sites and parks and also exploring the outdoors attractions in Italy.

There are many bike hiring or bike rental agencies who offer tourists a wide range of bikes and sports gears /sporting pieces of equipment for affordable prices and also deliver to tourist prefer location without hassle. Sharewood rentals providers offer bikes for new branding for Italy bike tour while on vacation.

Hiring bike for your movement during Italy bike tour enables you to meet up with your schedules and also making good on your vacation trip. It allows you to meet up local and know new people who also came for the holiday ride.

You do not face the usual problems of moving your home bike and gears around as there are many bike rental companies you can hire any choice bike and sports gear from with any problem or delay at no extra charge. 

Also, clients have full assurance of getting their bikes and sports gears for their Italy bike tour delivered to them even during harsh seasons without queuing or having the thought of not getting anything. 

wherever you are a local or tourist who wants to learn about the accurate history of Italy or explore the endowment or your wish is to relax with your family at the beach to enjoy a romantic getaway, Italy has great things to offer for every occasion!