Italy Bike Rental

Never before was it easier to rent a bike in Italy!

Rent Your Bike in Italy

Explore the “Italian boot” on two wheels

The ancient lands of the Italian Peninsula cover a wide range of touristic attractions, welcoming visitors all year around. Amongst these possibilities, the bike tours rank in one of the highest spots, and consequently, Italy is a bike rental paradise. Visit the Eternal City and its monuments, the island of Sicily and Sardinia, Milano or even Venice on a bike!

The country’s terrain and infrastructure support all sort of biking experiences. MTB, road bike, cruiser, and even fat bikes are old news in Italy. If you are a bike enthusiast you’ll surely enjoy what Sharewood offers to you.

Italy boasts countless renters but Sharewood has listed the community favourites from the Alps to Sicily – complemented by the guided experiences such as MTB or electric bike tours in both urban and rural locations. Learn more!


italy bike rental


Italian is a culture of bikers – incomparable to the Netherlands

You might hear about Italian drivers and their daring level of norm on the road. And you might be right! Italians do see street signs a bit more colourful then the tourists would except however it doesn’t take away from the experience they gathered, quite the opposite! In Italy, bike rental owners will let you know about their good records and satisfied clients. Italian bikers might make swift turns, but they know where to look!

Whether you plan a diving holiday on the coast or a kayak tour on the rivers, it’s good to know that trusted bike, and sports gear rental is always at your disposal. You can travel easy, and focus on what recreation you choose, but the option is always open to hop on a bicycle and explore the picturesque countryside of Tuscany or Piedmont.

Above all, you have an extensive list of sports equipment for both the beginners and the expert riders to select from. If you are in Italy looking for a bike rental, all you have to do is to search our website, compare and choose your favourite. Place the order from the comfort of your holiday spot. Within some minutes or a few hours, your order will be delivered directly to your vacation spot.