Our guarantees

For us at Sharewood, clients come first and that is why we work hard to make our website a safe space for Owners and Leasers.

If your item gets damaged while rented out and the Leaser cannot refund its entire market value, Sharewood offers a damage compensation of up to 3.000€ for bikes and 300€ for the other items within our Website.

You must not agree to make transactions outside Sharewood’s network, otherwise you will lose any guarantee linked to our leasing system (for more information check our Terms of Service).

There’s more! To ensure the growth of a safe and reliable community, we decided to activate different tools to make the renting safe, thus to guarantee a pleasant experience to both Owners and Leasers.

Account Verification

Owners and Leasers must have their accounts verified through credit card, phone number and social networks profiles. The verification of your identity is helpful for others to trust you inside and outside our community.


Before choosing a product and proceed with the transaction, take a look at the feedbacks from the community members. This allows the self-regulation of our community and creates trust.


We do not share any sensitive information about the Owner until the Leaser carries out the transaction. Afterwards you will be able to contact the Owner by using our internal chat system; it’s safe and private.