Husky adventure Norway

2-Day Husky Adventure – Norway

Explore Norway

For those who enjoy the chilling winds

It is customary to think that to live an adventure it is necessary to go to some remote corner of the planet. You don’t necessarily think to live a unique and intense experience just by jumping on a flight for a couple of hours. Exactly, for this reason, we decided to take you to visit Norway. As always, we at Sharewood offer you a planned trip to the smallest details. In this way, the only thing you have to do is take a plane and experience the adventure we have in store for You.

We will take you to visit Norway with a slightly different formula. Our adventure trip will last two days. It has been designed and designed for those who want to experience intense emotions and do not have much time available, or those who simply need to quickly disconnect from everyday stress.
This adventure is open to those who want to try their hand at hiking in one of the wildest areas of our Europe. We will take you on an extraordinary expedition to the lands of northern Norway on a sleigh pulled by the Husky who inhabit these lands.

husky adventure norway


Travel with dogs

The adventure will begin in Tromso where we will gather the group and give the appropriate instructions before leaving. Already the first day we will head out. We will travel between five and eight hours aboard our sledges. After we arrived at our destination, the base camp, we will prepare the dogs for the night and with a little luck, we will see the Northern Lights. Having the chance to see it is the best you can get when you decide to visit Norway. On the second day, we will cross the Arctic polar circle. Here it will be where you can admire the grandeur and beauty of the unspoiled nature of Norway. In these areas, it is very easy to get in close contact with the local fauna. It is not an infrequently occurrence to cross several examples of the local wildlife during the walk.

Keep in mind that due to the adventurous nature and the exposure to the elements during our trip, the program of our trip to visit Norway could be subject to change. This will only make your experience more adventurous and unpredictable.

When you prepare your suitcase, keep in mind that we will go to areas where the temperature is quite rigid and constantly covered in snow. In short, prepare to face the cold of the arctic areas. The visiting to Norway will be an adventure with Sharewood!