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The hiking trails in Italy are as numerous as halm on the meadow! And the beautiful country not just provides but supports and complements all sort of outdoor sports and activities. Culture, history, gastronomy are the best example trekkers can literally run into.

Sharewood will attempt to mention a few of the most visited locations, and the community favourite experiences in this article. If you plan to find hiking trails in Italy, you are at the right place! Scroll down!

hiking trails italy


Alps – Dolomites – Garda Lake – Tuscany - Sicily

Alps - Courmayeur, Valsavarenche, Valtournenche and Aosta

Discover the beautiful white landscape, a 4000mt mountain peak which is surprisingly accessible thanks to its not too steep slopes – at Valtournenche. Located between Italy, France and Switzerland, this mountain offers truly amazing panorama and will be a lasting mark in your memory. Suitable for everyone who's reasonably fit. 
Fun fact: An Estonian tourist, known only as Pavel, apparently got a little too drunk and accidentally climbed the mountain while trying to find his hotel!

Dolomites – Abano Terme, Galzignano Terme

Visit the Monastery of San Daniele, built in 1078 by the Signori di Montagnone, who dedicated the Monastery to the martyr and deacon, Daniele. Through the Centuries it has not always been a monastery, it has been even house of nobles and only in the XXI century it was given back to Church who made it home of the Benedictine nuns.

Other hiking trails in Italy takes you to an “easy” wall climbing. During the adventure - with the right equipment - you’ll climb accompanied by a specialized guide. Everybody can do the climbing on Rocca Pendice, both experts and beginners. But Rocca Pendice is not only important from a sportive point of view: it is interesting even because it is scenery of a legend, the legend of Speronella Dalesmanini. We’ll see the ruins of the Castle where the legend tells that this lady was imprisoned in Middle Ages.

Garda Lake – all around the lake

Garda Lake is the most popular destination in this part of the country, visited by thousands of tourists for its hiking trails in Italy every year. It’s not an everyday experience, to see the amazing Mediterranean setting with palm trees and snowy peaks. Due to its unique climate and its diverse landscape, this holiday location is a true paradise of the outdoor sports! Everyone can find joy here, whether you like water sports or the thrill of height and climbing, or just hiking and relaxing on the beach. But above all, some of the most breathtaking canyoning routes of Europe are located here – the community favourite hiking trails in Italy!

Tuscany – Chanti, Capoliveri, Florence

Are you looking for a really peculiar experience? How about a relaxing horseback ride in Italy through the magical country of winding paths? We offer you the opportunity to experience Chianti from a completely different point of view! Come and visit us on hidden hiking trails in Italy, where fresh air, breathtaking views, delicious food and wine will be your companions during the day!

The starting point of the ride is a cosy and picturesque farm in Tuscany where you will immediately feel at home. Here an expert guide will prepare you for the activity with some rudimentary skills, making sure that everything can be done in absolute safety.

Sicily – Miro, Syracuse, Lipari and Palermo and more and more

Come with us this time in the realm of the Godfather! We will visit the largest island in the Mediterranean, which promises not only a perfect weather but also its most beautiful beaches. And what can you expect? Endless days are a great adventure, the most active volcano in Europe, trekking through fire and water, and the exploration of the surrounding islands! We will cool down in exciting canyons, discovering the wonders of Southern Italy’s gastronomy and - not by accident - we do it all in the milieu of thousands of years of cultural heritage!

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