Hiking Mongolia

A taste of nomadic lifestyle.

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Hiking in Mongolia, living like a khan

Want to conquer huge mountains? Or would you like to refine yourself with other challenges that require great performance and stamina? Then this is not your hike. You do not have to travel with a 30kg backpack through cold, gritty high alpine passes, balancing on the razor’s edge, and you can even leave the rope at home. However, if you want a cultural steamroller to crash you day after day while you cross a steppe on a jeep or on horseback, then hiking in Mongolia is your calling.

Then you are in the right place, and Ulaanbaatar is waiting for you, Mongolia’s little dusty, but always a bustling capital. While hiking in Mongolia with your guide, you’ll follow the footsteps of Genghis Khan and you’ll find out what there is to know about the nomadic life.

During your trip, you will enjoy the beauty of the nomad life. Sleeping in a yurt, riding, eating and spending a lot of time together with the grazing Mongolian people so that you may breathe in all that the folk, landscape and experience can give you!


hiking mongolia


Ask your local mounted archer for directions

Mongolia has a population of 3 million – stunningly small compared to its size (18th in the World).  It’s been said that Ulaanbaatar, or as formally known Ulan Bator (meaning: Red Hero) is the only city in Mongolia, but it isn’t true. What is though, is that this city contains more than 1.5million people, half of all Mongolians, and therefore the rest of the country is rather sparsely populated.

Hiking Mongolia is one of the few activities in the World where a country’s culture and geographic features can be observed in its hundreds of year’s old state – avoidant of urbanization.

50 kilometres east from the capital on the bank of the Tuul River, find the Genghis Khan Equestrian Statue tallest of its kind in the whole World. Hiking in Mongolia, or riding to this monument is easy. The statue stands 40 meters tall in the silent basin, it is impossible to miss it even without a GPS.

If you are intrigued by the ways of old, rather than the challenges of nature, than hiking in Mongolia is made for you. Sharewood organizes travels there and in the rest of the World. Learn more about the Sharewood main site!