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There’s hardly better place for hiking in Europe than in Austria

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If you are interested in hiking in Austria, take a look our informative guide below!

"Walking is better to look around," says painter Paul Klee. Hiking in Austria is more than what people see at first glance: while walking, we feel, smell and listen more intensively to nature. Hiking encourages the detoxification of body and soul and helps us to know ourselves and our inner world better. The experience gained is as diverse as the routes that Austria offers to those who like to go hiking.

During our pleasant trip, we can admire fable-like waterfalls in romantic canyons while around us immense mountains reach to the sky. With its unique sight, the country delights the ones hiking in Austria, with an unforgettable experience of any ages!

Here Sharewood lists 3 of the most interesting groups of paths for hiking in Austria:

hiking in austria


The circle, the inner world, and the floating path

John Way
The 84 km long John Way (Johannesweg) leads to the Mühlviertel's grassy hills and the extensive, mystical coniferous forests, a 12-station trail for hiking in Austria that starts and ends at the same point. In the original, natural-preserved, dispersed, traditionally-built farmland, tiny yellow boards mark the route. The rivers also flow in the direction of the original basin, and the forests seem endless. It can be immediately realized that this is a very special countryside. The landscape emanates a kind of power, which is why we undertake this experience.

Via Sacra pilgrimage
The wayfaring pilgrimage routes are old, but the number of people who step on the road is growing. From the south, through Graz, from the west through the town of Steyr, from around Vienna, the people arrive at the famous Via Sacra. Tens of thousands of people have travelled to the road in recent years - a significant increase in numbers compared to 10 registered pilgrims in 1955.

Dachstein Skywalk
The new Dachstein Skywalk is Austria's highest lying tour bridge. At an altitude of 2700 meters above the Dachstein, 400 meters high in the empty air, there is an unparalleled view of the Alps.

The 100-meter long suspension bridge near Schladming was built for six months. Visitors are led on glass surfaces across the depths, and the staggering stairs give the feeling of infinite freedom and the amazing sight to all who dare to go until the end of the floating building.

Hiking with kids - Hiking is a pleasure for the little ones - you will not be bored on the adventure tracks, the trail paths, or a barefoot hiking in Austria.

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