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Greece consists of countless of islands and archipelagos, the most famous groups being the Cycladic and the Ionian Islands. These islands and the crystalline sea separating them are meant to be visited on a Greek island cruise trip!

Sharewood lists the some best Greek islands to be visited while sailing on a liveaboard, and offer you the organized trip there waiting for You!

greek island cruises


Where to go?

Wild nights, clubs and beach and party, Mykonos is all about this. Cruiser passengers and party lovers around the world gather at Mykonos to enjoy the sheer beauty of its great beaches and the day-round fun. Holidaymakers rank Mykonos on the top of their favourite destinations’ list.  Mykonos is situated in the heart of the Aegean Sea at the east of Athens and it’s a part of the Cyclades Island complex. The popularity of Mykonos is getting higher and among the most charming Greek islands. Reaching Mykonos is most enjoyable – like all Greek islands - by a cruise ship.

Delos is a boiling spot for archaeology lovers. It is located in the middle of all Cycladic islands near the Mykonos Island at the southwest of Aegean Sea. It is supposed to be the birthplace of the Olympian god of Apollo. Delos holds sites that have mythological and historical importance. Presently Delos has no inhabitants and it does not have any restaurants or hotel for a night stay although every year attracts thousands of tourists who can visit Delos during the daytime and sleep on their cruise ships.

Corfu or as otherwise known Kerkira is the hot and cosmopolitan spot for Greek island cruisers. Tourists around the world visit Corfu to spend quality time on the warm sandy beaches and to enjoy the beauty of pine forests and lush green environment. Corfu is the second largest island among the Ionian Islands. It reflects the sheer beauty of luxuriant vegetation, picturesque villages, lively nightlife and Venetian architecture. There are many luxury hotels that facilitate the tourists and provide a spectacular view to the island.

Prepare your suitcases, get on board and enjoy an adventure in the waves while exploring the Greek islands on a Cruiser!