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Rent Your Ski in Folgaria

Folgaria, Italy’s most charming ski resort

   Not so popular compared to other Italian ski resorts and tucked away between the mountains, Folgaria Italy ski resort is a beautiful little resort in a charming mountain village. It is just 90 minutes away from the airport in Verona and, believe it or not, it’s the first Italian ski resort that was built right after the war, in the 1930s, also being the first to have a ski lift. Ever since then, the resort evolved but managed to keep its beautiful atmosphere, specific for the Italian villages in this area. If you’re looking to enjoy winter sports in a relaxing and mesmerizing environment, you probably need to elope to Folgaria this cold season.

The village may be small but the ski pistes are plenty

The village is not that big, but definitely gorgeous, so you will love staying here. But, do be prepared to enjoy no less than 104 kilometers of ski pistes, most of them being for beginners and intermediates, although there are 3 black runs for advanced skiers as well. If you want, you can take the bus to the neighboring villages, Luserna and Lavarone, and find 30 more kilometers to explore. What you’ll love most about Folgaria Italy ski resort is that, compared to other ski resorts, it is much less crowded: the slopes are rather peaceful, you will always have a table waiting at any of the restaurants you choose. It is in general more accessible, and the quiet atmosphere will allow you to relax.

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Ski equipment at your service in just a few clicks

Now that you know how easy you can reach Folgaria Italy ski resort, by simply taking the airplane to Verona, you can start making plans for your coming winter vacation. Of course it’s better not to take your equipment with you, after all there’s really no need to carry them around on such long distances: Sharewood is right there to help you, with a simple online search you can rent everything you want. No queues are involved and no poor quality gear is provided, so you can save both time and money while getting the equipment that will allow you to have an enjoyable time on the slopes. If going away in winter meant heavy and bulky luggage, now this can change entirely if you opt to choose this particular ski rental service.

An area with a rich history and culture

This is still the place where an ancient Bavarian dialect is used, called Cimbro, so don’t be surprised if you won’t hear Italian at the local bars and restaurants. But don’t worry, the people here know English so you’ll have no problems checking in at the hotel or serving dinner out. It is also worth knowing that many of the dishes served in the area contain local ingredients, such as mountain mushrooms or honey. In fact, there is even a honey museum in Folgaria, showing you how people here made honey for centuries, an activity that allowed them to have a decent life. So, there are many things to discover about Folgaria Italy ski resort, a vacation here being all you need to get to know this amazing place.