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   For those who don’t know before now, Florence is a popular tourism and vacation site that one should not fail visiting. It played a significant role during the Renaissance days that people refer to it as the heart of Renaissance. To date, it is still a major hub for Art and History. Florence is a beautiful city that remains as incredible as it used to be hundreds of years ago. It has all goodies that everyone could enjoy such as History, Art, Food, Shopping, and a Beautiful Scenery. 

Florence is the capital of Italy’s Tuscany region; it is a home to many masterpieces of architecture and Renaissance art. It hosts one of most iconic sights - the Duomo, a cathedral designed with a terracotta-tiled dome which was engineered by Brunelleschi and a bell tower by Giotto. The Galleria dell'Accademia is also visible; it displays Michelangelo’s “David” sculpture. The magnificent Uffizi Gallery exhibits Botticelli’s which signifies “The Birth of Venus” and Da Vinci’s “Annunciation.”

Many people prefer to put up in a place centrally located so they can split their days into different sections of the city for sightseeing of various locations during their trip or vacation. The majority of people do their sightseeing within Florence by biking. Florence bike tour is an interesting thing to be a part. There are many beautiful things and sights to see during a bike tour in Florence which you may miss if you are driving. Some people come with their bikes for this Bike tour while the majority of tourists go for hired bicycles for their tours. There are many bike hiring companies in Florence you can hire a suitable bicycle from to embark on your biking trip during your vacation in Florence. S

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When it comes to the idea of engaging in a biking tour, it may be funny to many minds, but I must say it is a good exercise for your body and also a good experience. Embarking on Florence Bike Tour takes away all the worries and pains in your body, and also aid riders avoid unnecessary stoppages and breakdowns on the way.

You can hire any of the choice bikes for your comfort and convenience, and if you still don’t know the real type that will suit you, you can inquire from the bike rental service provider. Bike hire is the best option available nowadays since you can still try out various kinds of bikes and later buy the one that suits you the most if you decide to use your bike.

However, whether you own your bike or using a rented bike, hiring a bike from bike rental providers remains the best as you are exposed to hiring various bikes and judging which is best among the bikes. It saves your time of carrying your bike everywhere, saves money and gives you the option of renting even the most expensive bike at the most affordable price in the market.

florence bike tour

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   A trip to Florence will give you the chance to go biking on the World Road Bike Championship of 2013 uphill heading Fiesole, you will have the opportunity to reach the Monastery of Monte Senario, enjoy quiet back roads along ancient villas of Florentine nobility.

You are gonna be faced with a Challenging Distance of 57 km/36 miles Why not equip yourself with our premium gear before embarking on this lifetime memory collection. Log onto ‘sharewood.io’ In just one click you would save yourself and your friends the stress of standing in line at a bike rental for long hours just to get a bike or maybe not even get the chance to, as is usually the case during high season.

At share Sharewood, we make it our duty to save your time and money on renting a bike so that you may spend more time making the most out of your vacation, spend more with family and friends, go do more tracks.

If you go from Florence to Fiesole, you might get a chance to catch a short visit to the ever beautiful panoramic town. After a short bike fitting, you are ready to cycle on a panoramic, rolling stretch you will climb the highest hills of this tour, the ancient, medieval Monastery of Monte Senario, standing on a hilltop at 3280 feet! Breath-taking 360° view of Florence and the Backbone Mountains of central Italy will be the reward of your effort.

Story: In 1241 a group of seven laymen decided to abandon their families and businesses to devote themselves to a life together of prayer, penance, and poverty. These men, later known as the 7 Saints, went up to this mountain and founded this monastery.

After the well-deserved refreshing and rest, you will continue on a scenic downhill towards Monte Morello, the last mountain of our trip. Gently uphill along striking views will take us on the long descent, Keeping on quiet, historical back roads will get you back to Fiesole.