Electric Bike tour Rome

Every corner has a history; every glimpse offers an emotion.

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Rome is to be discovered on two wheels, but choosing the right route to avoid the chaos

Rome has a particular beauty and the art of life floats through its old streets like blood in veins. Some vein are as thin as a hair, some are massive like arteria. Many of these streets are mere alleyways covered in cobblestone, heading up or down on steep hills. To achieve a comfortable state of travel, choose the electric bike to tour in Rome.  The city is HUGE!

The rental services in the capital have prices starting at 18 euros, depending on the model. At the Sharewood website, however, you can compare prices and models and choose the ones that best meet your needs.

Electric Bike tour Rome


The big city is too big to be explored on a regular bike

When you think of Rome you are reminded of Julius Caesar, the Emperors, the Colosseum, the Circus Maximus, the Vatican, and a really bad traffic jam.

The number of people cycling every day in the city increases year by year and it seems that the bike is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to the car. The electric bikes will allow you to tour to the most remote areas of the city, to discover every corner, even in the limited traffic areas (which make up 50% of the central)

One of the sites you should visit on your electric bike tour in Rome is the “itinerario del Gianicolo”. It has monuments of the most famous Roman excellencies and a beautiful view of the Eternal city. At midday, the late nineteenth-century cannon fires and announces the hour; this is a century old custom. First, it was in use to start the bells of Rome so that they would all play at the same time.

In the middle of the night or at the first light of dawn, the Gianicolo guarantees a unique show, exciting and impressive. A true memory for the traveller. 

Going on two wheels you can discover alternative streets, squares, and views, and fully enjoy the typical Roman atmosphere, exploring the extraordinary archaeological area. The Eternal City is too great to be explored on foot, but inaccessible with car. Rome is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and planning bike tour carefully will allow you to appreciate it even more. You can also discover the hidden corners without depending on the public transport – plan an electric bike tour in Rome!

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