Dolomites Italy Skiing

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Dolomites Italy skiing will have you hooked this winter

The Dolomites are probably the most beautiful mountains in the world, a single trip to this part of Italy will make you understand why. After just one try, many people wanted to experience the Dolomites Italy skiing experience once more, not just because of the breathtaking views, but also due to the extensive network of ski runs and ski lifts. Practically, the Dolomites provide the biggest skiing carousel you’ll currently find in the world, so if you’re looking for day-long skiing adventures, then you will not be disappointed by the Dolomites. With 1,200 kilometers of extremely well maintained and shaped slopes, you will definitely have plenty of things to do in this area.


One ski pass will cover the entire area

The best part about Dolomites Italy skiing experience is that you need just one single pass to gain access to all the runs in this amazing network. It is called the Dolomiti Superski ski pass and it represents your access to 12 different ski areas, no less than 450 ski lifts, and 30 snow parks, which are located in 50 different towns around the Dolomites. So, with one single ski pass, you will have the feeling that you own all the ski slopes and snow parks in the region, having so many opportunities at your disposal every single day. If you visit the Italian Dolomites, most certainly you will enjoy exciting adventures and days that will never resemble with the others.

Choose the ideal ski area according to your personal preferences

As mentioned before, the Dolomites have 12 different ski areas that are capable of suiting all needs and tastes. So, check them out and choose the one that suits you best. Just follow the tracks that have the level of difficulty you enjoy and launch yourself into an unforgettable adventure. With so many challenges and new things to do all the time, the Dolomites Italy skiing will provide unique experiences that you won’t find anywhere else.

dolomites italy skiing


Skiing in the Dolomites is also about great food and relaxation

Skiing all day long will definitely make you hungry, so it may be great to know that amazing food and wines are served throughout the entire region. While enjoying your vacation in this part of Italy, you will get the chance to taste the local cuisine. There are no less than 14 different restaurants that all got Michelin stars, so you will not be disappointed by the restaurant of your choice when it comes to serving dinner. Also, you may want to relax and unwind before to set out on the ski slopes, something that is available with the help of numerous spa centers. So, don’t forget to enjoy indoor pools, saunas, massages, and other treatment that will spoil both your mind and body.

A great place to spend time with family and friends

If you’re looking for an area where you can spend quality time with your family and friends, Dolomites Italy skiing is the best answer. There are many ski schools and special offers for children, meaning that traveling with your young ones will represent gaining access to great deals. So, you have all the reasons you need to spend an amazing vacation in the company of the people you love.