Diving in Sharm el-Sheikh

Find the hidden treasures of the sunken SS Thistlegorm

Dive into Sharm el-Sheikh

The most beautiful beach of the Red Sea

In Egypt, and maybe in the whole Red Sea region, the most cherished site for diving is Sharm el-Sheikh. Preferred by those who rather dive in the group, the city on the southern coast of the Sinai Peninsula have a myriad of maritime life and an invaluable shipwreck from 1941.

The diving at Sharm el-Sheikh is believed to offer one of the world's most amazing underwater wildlife. All this can be true, as the sea water is transparent, and with the use of a simple snorkelling mask, you can see fantastic sights: countless vivid corals with the most astonishing colours and shapes of fish.

Professionals or prospective professional divers can discover the deep wonders: the renowned Ras Mohammed underwater national park and the famous shipwreck discovered by Captain Jacques Cousteau, the SS Thistlegorm.

diving in Sharm el Sheikh


Live on the sea, liveaboard!

The final rest of this British merchant navy ship invites recreational divers in Sharm el-Sheikh to see the incredible cargo it holds. Curious eyes will find aged rifles, motorcycles, aeroplane parts and two armoured vehicles inside the hull. Aside from scuba divers, the remnants attract a great many of aquatic life like jacks and barracudas. Boats take long to arrive here from the coast, so it’s better to spend a day or two here on a liveaboard.

On the other hand, the Ras Mohammed Marine Park offers a different take on the Red Sea. Diving in Sharm el-Sheikh here gives an even more outworldish experience. Soon after stepping in the telling gate made from finely cut sandstones, adventurers will witness the lifeless sand turn into cracks of water and later the Red Sea, blooming with incredible diversity and colour of all sort of animals and plants.

The wonderful sea programs are not just for divers! Beach seekers will not be disappointed as they find silky sand on the clear shores and many activities such as diving, snorkelling, windsurfing, kitesurfing, para-sailing, boating, and canoeing.

Prized all over the World Sharm el-Sheikh is a Sharewood favourite and a safe bet on holiday! Explore the opportunities listed for you here!