Diving in Dominican Republic

This paradise is more accessible then you dared to think

Dive into Dominica

The turquoise gem of the Carribean Sea

The second largest nation of the aquamarine Caribbean Region, a diverse tropical paradise, an affordable bliss, and the surrounding waters were made for diving in! The Dominican Republic welcomes you!

There are many attractions in Dominica, the first American memories of the post-Columbus period can be found here.

The uniqueness of the underwater world comes in part from the fact that in many places hot springs bubble up warm water – a trace of volcanic activity - in other part, there are wreckages, walls, and hollows in shallow water that you may visit while scuba diving or snorkelling. There’s an opportunity for all level of water sports enthusiasts for diving in the Dominican Republic.

The north coast of the island looks to the Atlantic, while the south is the Caribbean Sea. On the north side Puerto Plata, Punta Cana on the eastern edge of the island, while in the south the capital, Santo Domingo, and Bayahibe, Boca Chica, Juan Dolio, completed with La Romana are the frequented tourist destinations. Most boaters suggest that Bayahibe offers the best options for diving inside the Dominican Republic, as the Catalinita and Saona islands are easy to reach from here, with exuberant wildlife in the protected areas. 

diving in dominican republic


When to travel?

The visibility is excellent and the coral reefs are intact in the Caribbean. Interesting little things like seahorses or colourful schools of fish can be encountered in quite some places. Water temperatures typically range from 25 to 29 degrees.

The best time to travel is between December and April, but divers prefer summer months with warmer water too. While the Caribbean, southeastern part is wind-protected throughout the year, in the winter the northern shore is not ideal for diving in the Dominican Republic.

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