Diving in the Aeolian Islands

Diving in the Aeolian Islands is diving into legends

Dive into Legends

The Islands of Gods and Men

The volcanic archipelago of the Aeolian – sometimes referred to as Lipari Islands - is situated in the Italian Tyrrhenian Sea, just north of Sicily. The islands were named after the demigod of wind Aeolus, who was believed to reside here. History of the Aeolians goes back 4000 years, and we may – arguably – state, that the first tourists were the cursed Odysseus and his crewmen, seeking their way home to Ithaca. Diving in the Aeolian Islands will open your eyes to the shrouded Mediterranean history and to the beauty of raw nature.

Each year more than 200 000 tourists choose one of the Aeolian Islands as their destination to release some steam in the shade of a volcano. For example Volcano or by its older name Therassía home, and sacred foundry to the god Hephaestus! Some even say that this island served as the set for “The Tempest” by William Shakespeare. The opportunities for diving in the Aeolian Islands are unique to the Mediterranean Sea for their volcanic activity and rich history. Beginners may find shallow waters to practice their art, whereas professionals are welcomed to the more challenging dives down to 50meters deep.

diving in the aeolian islands


Awe beneath the water

Diving in Aeolian islands starts with the most beautiful of all the Archipelago’s cove that opens between Capo Testa Grossa and the Scoglio del Quaglietto. The Quaglietto is a large rock, located on the west coast of the island of Vulcano, at the base of which, about 20 meters deep, divers will find the entrance to a large cave. Once you enter the cove, on your right you can see the "Bagno delle Vergini": beautiful natural pools with crystal clear water, emerald colour. At the centre of this magnificent cave, you’ll find the statue of Virgin Mary herself.

Another location for diving in Aeolian islands is at Punta Castagna where divers are embraced into a snow white plateau of volcanic rock, painted blood red only by the sunset. The bravest condescending deeper will meet gorgonian corals at the size of trees.

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