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Rent Your Ski in Canazei

Canazei, a small Italian village that can provide a lot of surprises

The Dolomites are breathtaking and more than ideal when it comes to winter sports, but when you get the chance to spend time in a small picturesque village and get to enjoy your favorite sport, things can’t get any better. Having only 2000 inhabitants, Canazei is a small village protected by its own natural fortress, the rocky walls of the Dolomites. So, if you want to visit a part of Italy where traditions are still alive, the village being one of the few where the old Ladin dialect is still spoken, you need to come to Canazei. Also, don’t worry about skiing equipment because with the help of Canazei ski rental you will have everything you need fast and easy.

Enjoy a skiing experience in the famous Val di Fassa

Val di Fassa is famous for its high number of slopes and skiing domain, due to the presence of the Sella Ronda ski circuit. Skiing here will mean that you’ll be able to enjoy an adventure every single day of your vacation, while your eyes feast with the most beautiful views the Dolomites have to offer. This particular area is great for couples and families with children alike, the calm atmosphere, numerous opportunities to have fun, and powdery snow will keep everyone delighted. Most certainly your children will love the pink sunset in the area, which makes the snow look like magical, a place where fairies and gnomes come to life. So, if you want to enjoy an unforgettable vacation, you need to start planning your arrival in Canazei.

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Fun and skiing equipment for the entire family

It is always fun to start an adventure with the entire family, although the part where you start packing the bags for each family member may get you worried. Well, this time, just pack the things you really need and forget about the heaving ski equipment. The Canazei ski rental services will make sure you have everything you need once you arrive at your destination so that your journey there won’t be just pleasant but also lighter. The service is provided by, an online platform that will allow you to rent all the equipment you need. So, relax in your mountain cabin or hotel room and rent the gear you need together with your family. The service is highly secure and reliable, so you don’t have to worry that you won’t have the needed equipment to enjoy your stay at this amazing ski resort.

The mesmerizing history of Canazei

The area of Canazei was hardly inhabited until the 20th century when things changed due to the appearance of the road that passed over Passo Pordoi. The settlements here emerged due to the high interest in area’s touristic potential, although they were severely damaged during the war between Italy and Austria. It took a while for the area to be rebuilt, but today it is considered one of the gems in Val di Fassa. It is definitely one of the best choices you can make in the area, considering that it is connected with all the surrounding skiing areas.