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Set off to discover New Zealand on a 10-day tour from Picton to Queenstown. During the trip, the local Kiwi tour guides will show the most beautiful the nooks of the country and help you discover the most hidden corners. Take part in adrenaline filled outdoor activities and enjoy the charm of Queenstown with friends. New Zealand is waiting for you!

The first and most important thing you will notice and in New Zealand is that the Kiwis never lose their cool. Never. It’s a pity to mourn what has already happened, and then it will be better anyway. And if not, then it's too late to get frightened about it. It's unbelievable how much they do not know the kind of stress we do. They are immensely positive, friendly and open. They know that everyone came from somewhere, they are curious about you and your culture. Pride in them is not hypocritical, but a very sympathetic national consciousness.

If we are sufficiently open, this type of mentality can rapidly get in us and after a while, we realize that we are not nervous about things.

camp tour new zealand


The World is head over heels

In New Zealand, everything is different, but that's why we love it. The lights are turned down when they light up, anyone may stop anytime and spark up a chat with anyone on the streets, in the offices, anywhere, and they love to shop barefoot. They travel with large pillows in public transport, if they want to close a door, they turn the key in the opposite direction, and there are a lot of clean public toilets. Curtains are hardly used, after all, the view is always gorgeous. They even go into the roundabout on the left side!

People trust each other, let strangers enter their home, they are tolerating and open. And this is not all! There’s a ton of sports activities, national parks, and volcanic lakes to be visited here. If you are intrigued, click on one of the buttons and learn more!