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One Island, a thousand things to see

The triangle shaped island of Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. The Italy of Italy, as they say. There are countless ports in the regional capital Palermo and scattered around the island’s coast. Most of this harbours offer a various boat tour around Sicily.

The wonderful city of Palermo is facing the crystalline sea on one side, and on the other, the plain known as the Golden Shell, which is planted with citrus groves and backed by mountains. Palermo acts as Sicily’s chief port and centre of government. If you spend sufficient amount of time on vacation, you can sail anywhere on these bout tours from Sicily.

To where? The port of Palermo operates both merchant and passenger lines to Tunisia and Naples;  to the beautiful Mediterranean or Tyrrhenian Sea, and the smaller islands such as the Aeolian or Aegadian Islands.  Many boat tours take tourists out to the clear water for a couple of days on a liveaboard, where they can enjoy the solitude and the scuba diving.

boat tour sicily


Leavening behind Palermo

Sicily is a gastronomic and cultural paradise, a melting pot of Arabian and Italian influences under Norman rule. There’re plenty of opportunities to dive into this amazing cuisine, full of sweet-sour flavours, pistachio nuts, citrus fruit, seafood and wine.  There’s so much to taste, and to explore, you must leave the capital behind!

Take your boat to Trapani, and travel to the island of Mozia, and see the Grecian treasure of Selinunte. Then turn back to Sicily, dock, and head up to the cool hilltop town of Erice, where make sure to stop at the famous patisserie, making traditional sweets. Italians traditionally start their day with a particular brioche – a bread roll, stuffed with gelato. What’s not to love about a country that eats ice cream for breakfast? 

At this point, you have explored 2 closeby cities of Sicily. A thousand more to go! Let Sharewood lead the experience so no one gets lost!