Boat Tour Sardinia

The island the changes with every season yet stays the same for the centuries

Explore Sardinia

Hike your way to the port, and set sail to the lagoons!

The second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, the Italian island is well appreciated for its ports and the boat tours. Sardinia is an extraordinary island where rural lifestyle still persists in the heart of the landmass; however, a more forward-looking manner surrounds it on the beaches.

 Sardinia can be divided on an East-West logic as well, where the Eastern shores are warmer and more touristic – perfect for diving – and where the Western costs are more rugged, wind-whipped. To avoid misunderstandings: both are superb touristic destinations and provide fantastic boat tour around Sardinia and the surrounding islands. Because there are quite some noteworthy islands here.

boat tour sardinia


Endless bout tours in Sardinia

In the far northeast, you can find the Maddalena Islands (Arcipelago della Maddalena) which provides some amazing seascapes. On Isola Budelli, the Spiaggia di Cavalieri beach is a vision of perfection with fine, white sands and crystalline waters. 

South of Olbia, the vibrant resort town of San Teodoro is surrounded by stunning beaches, including Cala Brandinchi, known locally as Tahiti for its limpid waters. These magical places are interconnected by regular bot tours from and to Sardinia.

The Golfo di Orosei, Sardinia's most breathtaking stretch of coastline, harbours some unforgettable swimming spots such as Cala Mariolu and Cala Goloritze, two gorgeous inlets cut into the plunging white cliffs. Both are accessible by boat from Cala Gonone.

For those who are interested in a more serene experience, there are a lot of natural reserves to be found on Sardinia and the surrounding islands as well. For example, the Gennargentu National Park encompassing 460sq km of granite mountain country, superb hiking, as well as cycling, climbing, kayaking and boating opportunities.

The regional capital Cagliari and all other great cities on the island also offer many long get-aways on the sea. If you are interested to ride the waves on a boat tour around Sardinia, then click, and learn what can Sharewood, and the community choice experience providers offer for you!