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A marvelous archipelago, tailored with mythos

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The home of Gods

The volcanic archipelago of the Aeolian – sometimes referred to as Lipari Islands - is string of UNESCO-protected islands situated in the Italian Tyrrhenian Sea, just north of Sicily. The islands were named after the demigod of wind Aeolus, who was believed to reside here. History of the Aeolians goes back more than 4000 years, and even the cursed Odysseus and his crewmen visited here, seeking their way home to Ithaca. A bout tour in the Aeolian Islands will open your eyes to the shrouded Mediterranean history and to the beauty of raw nature.

Each year more than 200 000 tourists choose one of the Aeolian Islands as their destination to release some steam. For example the island of Volcano or by its older name Therassía home, and sacred foundry to the god Hephaestus. Some even say that this island served as the set for “The Tempest” by William Shakespeare. The opportunities for a bout tour in the Aeolian Islands are unique to the Mediterranean Sea for their volcanic activity and rich history. You may island hop, rock, on the waves, visit Sicily or even the mainland of Italy. They’re all in reach.


boat tour aeolian islands


The heart of fire

From the active cone of Stromboli to chic Panarea and car-free Alicudi, volcanic activity gave these islands their unique colour and character. Locals refer them as the “shape-shifting” islands for this reason. A boat tour of Aeolian Islands usually starts at the largest landmass, Lipari, from its centre of the same name.

Lipari is the most practical base for visiting the Aeolian Islands. Fast ferry connections from Sicily all stop here, and there are plenty of boats and hydrofoils to the other islands. Outside the main tourist season (late July - August) Lipari town is large enough not to feel overwhelmed by tourism. It also has a good choice of accommodation for different budgets, a supermarket, bars, restaurants, shops and other services. 

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