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Boat tour and diving adventure in the Komodo Islands – Indonesia

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The fact that you ended up on this page it means that you are an in love with distant and exotic places. Surely you already know that we are specialized in travel all over the world. At Sharewood we are the best at organizing adventure trips, surf camps, boat and diving tours on the five continents. And among the many options, we have in store for our customers there are our fantastic trips to Indonesia.

Indonesia is one of the exotic destinations that most draws upon the tourists’ attention. This is a completely insular country. This characteristic means that the country is probably one of the best options in the world for beach tourism. Also, we must not forget that Indonesia is in the middle of the Indian Ocean. This feature makes it ideal for a huge variety of water sports. In recent years, trips to Indonesia are the main option for surfers who want to try new waves and meet other fans from around the world. Many of the islands are also affected by constant winds and lash the beaches in various directions and intensities. Travel to Indonesia has become one of the best options for kiters from all over the world. Finally, its waters rich in life and coral reefs are among the best ever for diving lovers.

boat and diving tour komodo


What does Indonesia look like?

Among the 17,500 islands that make up the archipelago of Indonesia, there’s an obvious sport to dive into: diving. The whole country is in fact made up of a volcanic atoll. There are many lagoons that can be explored by boat and snorkelling. Moreover, in many cases lava has dug through centuries and formed tunnels and caves that attract countless caving enthusiasts every year.

Given the diversity of the myriad of islands, this country is a true heaven of water activities. As they used to say: “You can never step into the same river twice.”
Are you a sea and diving lover? Then set off on this 6-day tour of the Komodo Islands, in Indonesia. The tour will start from Labuan Bajo and will then continue to the Rinca and Padar islands. Wild nature and crystal clear waters will make your Indonesian adventure unique. The local guides will let you discover the most secret places and live your holiday differently.

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