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Nizza, the city of an old soul in young shape

Nice lies halfway between Marseille and Genova close to Monaco on the French Riviera or otherwise called the Azure beach.  The historical city offers countless sights and curiosity for a biking tour in Nice. These places range from ancient sights, teeming bars and restaurants to the sunny beaches; in fact, these are not even separate categories.

The city best experienced on foot or on the rented bike as cobblestone and alleys render car transport virtually impossible in old quarters such as the Vielle Ville. In case you were to use a rented bike to explore what the city has to offer, Your biking tour in Nice is best to be started at the Old Town and follow the beautiful Promenade des Anglais that provides sea-side biking lanes that goes as far as Antibes – twenty kilometers to the West, littered with immersive sights to stop, and close our bikes for a while.

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Roll from the past back to the present

The Old Town (Vieille Ville) lays on the Mediterranean shore and lures visitors with its shaded narrow streets, music, and fish cousins. The fresh catch offered with a tableful of ice for the hungry visitors before and after the midday lunch-break silences the town for some hours. After, following the sandy beach promenade, the biking tour goes toward the modern city of Nice where bars restaurants and the sea gives comfort for the tired biker.

Here, you may choose to go off track and into the city centre or to follow the path to on the shore that seamlessly leads out of Nice and into the next, inseparable town washed by the azure beach. As the biking tour in Nice becomes a tour on the beach, you will come across the Bay of Angels, an undisturbed national, and Marine Park and countless opportunities to enjoy the Mediterranean way of life.

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