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Cycling is an excellent way of letting the steam off. As you pedal through the countryside your mind is freed from worries. The repetitive pedalling becomes second nature and you no longer need to think of what you’re doing - your body turns into autopilot mode, your imagination can roam in the beautiful scenery.

Taking part in bike tours through Italy can bring you to a greater state of relaxation as you wind down from the everyday hassle. There are many bike tours available where you may ride from town to town or inn to inn. Alternatively, you can plot your own exciting bike tours through the Italian region of your choice.

When planning your bike tours through Italy, remember to make a checklist of the necessary gear. Biker shoes, sunglasses, helmet, a couple of cycling shorts and good sweaters. Oh, and pack a couple of spare tubes, puncture repair kit and a pump!

Clothing and equipment for your bike tour through Italy can be stored in panniers which fit on the sides of the bike, Panniers are satchels like bags which can straddle special frames over the rear and the front wheels of your bike – sort of like a postman’s bike. Above these, you can find bags attachable to the handlebars.

bike tours through italy


Ready, Steady, Go!

Now you’re all packed, it’s time to find a destination for the first of many bike tours through Italy. Make sure you know the level of fitness required for a particular tour or region. Cycling tours in Piedmont or Liguria can be bumpy, where the Appian Way from Rome is a proper and full-fledged 2300-year-old Roman road! Quality for the ages. 

Easier tours might involve wine tasting and city centre sight-seeing like in Florence, Rome, Milan, Venice, Turin, and even in Palermo! These tours can mean daily tours in and out of the city and visit the otherwise unreachable history of parts, like in Rome, where cars are excluded from almost half of the city!

Tuscany is a hot spot for bike tours thought Italy drawing on the rider population from all over Europe. If you’re interested in cycling in Italy, Tuscany might be your best starting point. The Mediterranean climate and the serene landscape will me peddling here a treat! Of course, much of Italy’s beauty comes from the culture and the small villages, which can be thoroughly explored on two wheels.

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