Top 6 Italy Bike Tours

By Sharewood


   In less than 300 square kilometers of extension, Italy encases an incredible diversity: sea, mountains, lakes, rivers, but even lunar or lush landscapes. This variety is a treasure that at the eyes of all the tourists is evident from the beginning, but for us, Italians — maybe because we are used to it — is underestimated. Yet the most beautiful effects relapse on us, thanks to the small dimensions of the country all the towns are close and well connected to each other, the landscape diversity reflects on the local cultures and costumes and this creates a unique cultural diversity. This is to say that Italy is never boring and the visitors could enjoy every single detail.

Speaking of details, there is a lot to be discovered, from unsuspected treasures preserved inside the metropolis like Milan, to the small medieval villages where the time seems to be on hold, passing through wonderful countryside landscapes and natural parks. These extraordinary beauties are making our country especially desirable to the ones who love to ride along with two wheels, thanks to the advantages of riding a bike: fast and light movements, cheap prices, adaptability to the different types of land and no problems with parking.

Bike Tours Italy

Of course, it can be hard for those who live in Lombardy to bring their bikes to Sicily for a tour of the island; at the end of the worst part of a trip is the act of packing: everybody would like to travel light and free. For this reason, Sharewood comes to help with its innovative platform that allows for the sport and outdoors activities lovers to rent their outdoor equipment directly one the place in few clicks. Moreover, Sharewood is fully aware of the beauties of the Italian landscapes and it’s working to give everyone the chance to discover them: on their website, it is possible to book guided tours, all over the Italian peninsula. Here you could find a selection of 6 unique bike tours in Italy:


MTB tour along the ancient “Via del Sale” (Piedmont)


It will be like traveling in time with your Mountain Bike, because along the “Via del Sale” the time seems to be crystallized. This way, during the Roman Empire, used to be one of the main routes for salt trading — really precious goods for the time — from the Camargue salt mine in France to Piedmont, through the Alps. Starting from summer 2017, this historical route will be again open to the public and it allows the transit from Piedmont to Liguria, passing through a lunar landscape and breath-taking views; this three-day long tour starts from Limone Piedmont and arrives in the nice city of Ventimiglia.




Genoa Experience Tour (Liguria)

We stopped in Liguria and it is from there that we are moving again with a new tour. This time, a calmer one, but really characteristic. You could explore the city of Genova, in all its aspects, speeding in the historical center inside the lattice of streets while feeling the air “full of salt and inflate of smells” of which Fabrizio De André was singing.



Gastronomic tour of Florence (Tuscany)

It’s well known, that cycling makes you hungry, that’s why we would like to give attention to this Gastronomic Tour that will solve the food problem. Biting a bruschetta while visiting the Uffizi or taking a picture of the Duomo, to sip a nice glass of Chianti while you are crossing Ponte Vecchio, or eating a Florentine steak after a long visit of Palazzo Pitti: the combinations between food and art are infinite, especially in a city like Florence that has both as part of his identity. With this tour, the sensorial ecstasy is guaranteed!



Rome Panoramic Bike Tour (Lazio)

After having food the options are two: you need to burn those calories as fast as possible, or you are about to explode and you don’t want to make any effort. The tour I am going to talk about is used in both the previous situations because it allows you to rent both MTB and Electric Bikes. The destination, this time, is the eternal city, but we would like you to observe it in a different way, including a panoramic route with amazing views. The suggested itinerary, in fact, is passing along the hills of Rome, of the seven this tour is passing through Aventino, the Gianicolo, and the Capitolino, because they offer the best views of the city. Whatever will be your bike, the itinerary is easy and it will provide you four hours of magical experiences.


Between the sea and the countryside, bike tour around Montalbano (Apulia)

A studied Itinerary designed to bring you along the rural landscapes near Brindisi, full of different vegetation and farms, where you could have a taste of the best typical products. The tour is stopping by the church of San Biagio full of stunning frescos, after that, you’ll arrive at the seaside where you could enjoy a bit of relaxing in the crystalline-blue water.


Tour of Etna (Sicily)

Are you looking for a real adventure? What about cycling on the slopes of an active volcano? That’s why we would like to conclude with this bike tour that will bring you to the Volcano Etna! By “tour” we mean literally around tour of the volcano along his circumference, starting the south side cycling to the east side. During the six hours of the track, you’ll have the opportunity some of the landmark points like the lava flow of the “Passo dei Dammusi” (a unique panorama) and the ancient pine forest of “Ragabo”. The lunar landscape, the nature of the road and the many rocks will make your MTB ride even more interesting, the presence of well-formed guides makes the itinerary really safe, but we suggest a bit of training or experience before starting this.


From Nord to South, East to Ovest, Italy is offering amazing itineraries everywhere. If you are mountain lovers, or if you prefer to relax at the seaside, or if you are art lovers, the Italian boot has any problem to give you the experience you are looking for. Pick your destination, book the tour that you consider most suitable for you, and get ready to live and try unforgivable experiences, rigorously with a bike!