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Don’t forget to try to local cuisine while biking in Sulmona!

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Direction Sulmona, Italy!

Sulmona is a rather small town in Italy, in the rather south of it, straight to the East from Rome. The town boost a population of 24 thousand good people, a number of charming squares and crushes, amongst other things. Such things are the substantial landscape for a bike tour in Sulmona, bikes to ride it, and the confetti.  The latter of which has caused an awful lot of misunderstanding between locals, and foreign tourists.

You see, on multiple occasions, visitors were baffled and a bit disgusted by the locals eating confetti. Not all travellers though, some always come up with something ridiculous along the lines of: ”Oh yes, I read about paper eating cultures somewhere, let’s move on.” – Which makes absolutely no sense, and they did not.

The well-confused visitors and bikers of Sulmona may be pleased to hear that confetti – at least here – is a not made of paper, but in fact, it is a type of candy.

bike tour sulmona


The picturesque landscape with local candy and wine

These are sugar-coated almonds and are traditionally given to friends and relatives on weddings and other special occasions. Confetti can be eaten, used as decoration or as an energy boost for bikers on a tour around the beautiful Sulmona. The local artisans also colour these candies and craft them into flowers.

When visitors got over the initial confusion and tasted the local cuisine, it is time to explore the possible activities around here. A bike tour more precisely.

First and foremost, it is good to know that the local climate supports all year round possibilities for riders and travellers in general. This climate is mild in-land and warm on the seaside, nothing less than what anyone can expect from Italy. Hills and valleys change into mountains in one direction, and into the sea in the other. 

Important to know about the bike tours in Sulmona is the abundance of supportive services. Bikes, gears, maps, guides, tips and tricks are available there, and though the Sharewood website for rent, and for keeping. Depending on your aim you may choose from the arsenal of different type of bikes covering the whole spectrum of possibilities. Racings, MTB, electric, mixed, invisible and theoretical bikes are just a few to mention.

Finally, we mustn't forget about releasing the steam after a long ride. Participants of a bike tour in Salmona will find the famous and recognized Abruzzo wine, and the viniculture built around it as a perfect means to their end. Enjoy with measurement.