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Mediterranean wonderland in Liguria, Italy

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Bike tours from Sestri Levante stretch throughout Liguria

Sestri Levante is situated in Liguria, in the province of Genoa, on the Mediterranean coast, 56 kilometres from Genova. The former fishermen's village is now a popular haven for tourists. The sensation of completeness is carried in the wind by the landscape from a fairytale. Spend your minutes of relaxation in paradise on a bike tour!

The Ligurian coast stretches between the sea and the mountains. Liguria describes a rugged east-west curve between the French border and Tuscany. In the area known as the Italian Riviera, the climate is mild throughout the year, excellent beaches, breathtakingly beautiful views of the Alps and the Ligurian Apennines; the mountains are either steeply falling in the sea, or gently descending on the water's reflection.

The landscape is characterized by sudden changes. We are talking not just about the contrast between rocky shores and deep blue or turquoise waters, but the differences a bike tour from Sestri Levante shows you. The difference between international bathing places, secluded villages, lively harbours and silent bays.

bike tour sestri levante


Sea and mountain merges into Heaven

Nature lovers and active recreation seekers can feel in their element here. Bikers’ pleasure is ensured by the fun-filled coves, the caves, the longshore excursions and the excursions. Vineyards, flower gardens, charming towns make the countryside romantic, where cyclists are welcomed. The Liguria region is a true flower and plant paradise. Thanks to the climate, the inhabitants are mostly involved in olive, grape, vegetable and flower cultivation.

There are many beautiful buildings in Sestri Levante to be seen on a bike tour, such as the Palazzo Cambiaso, also called the Palazzo Portobello, host of exhibits and meetings. The Galleria Rizzi is an art museum housed in a Liberty style villa right at the beach. It contains excellent works from the 1400s through the 1700s by northern Italian and European painters. The ruins of the Oratory of Santa Caterina are an interesting and mysterious monument to the war that destroyed the church.

The whole city, the beaches and the larger region of Liguria can be explored as part of a bike tour from Sestri Levante. Participants need not care about taking their own bike, and gear there as Sharewood connects them with community favourite, local bike rentes and tour guides.

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