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Adrenaline and sea: bike adventure in Salento

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Rush through the sunburned grass

If you are looking for a different holiday without having to go - relatively - too far – I am not entirely certain where you are at the moment - we have something for you. As you probably know, we at Sharewood are head over heels to find the best solutions for your adventure holidays. This time we will take you among the olive trees and the seafront riding a bicycle! Yes, a bicycle. For this summer we have organized a fantastic Salento bike tour.
Salento is now one of the most consolidated destinations in Italy for summer tourism. It used to be less consolidated; a sort of what is Transylvania to Hungarians. Charming, but isn’t it too far? In fact, it isn’t.

The tour offers its visitors attractions for all tastes. Once you arrive you can visit some of the most characteristic cities of art and some of the less appealing as well. Did you know that Lecce is also called the Florence of the south? Every square hides a church or a baroque style building - which is perfect if you feel the heat stroke! From here we leave for our Salento bike tour. In addition to Lecce during the tour, there will be the opportunity to visit typical villages such as Otranto with its cathedral, the ossuary of the martyrs and Gallipoli and with its ancient fishing port. To each his own, I suppose. Moreover, at halfway our Salento bike tour, you will have the opportunity to visit Santa Maria di Leuca. Here is where the Ionian Sea and the Adriatic meet under the gaze of the lighthouse further south of the heel. The south most part of the pointy peninsula, no point on pointing it out.

bike tour salento


But Salento is not only art and history.

During the Salento Bike tour, it will be possible to taste the local gastronomy. Here the kitchen has a thousand-year history and is based on simple food and fish cuisine. We organized this holiday by bike so you can enjoy the delicacies. For example, on the second day in the Cesine Oasis, we will taste a typical seafood meal along the shore. (You are not forced to eat seafood. Tomato, to-mah-to. ) The rest of the days we will stop in some of the best farm houses in Salento to enjoy the hospitality and quality food.
Our Salento bike tour has a total duration of eight days and is designed for cyclists with any level of preparation. The bicycles we offer our customers are cycle touring bikes. Obviously, in order to travel, they will be prepared with travel bags and repair kits.

During the Salento bike tour, you will be prepared for any kind of eventuality. If not you, then your tour guide. There is even the possibility of touring with electric bicycles. Precisely for these reasons the tour is really suitable for everyone! Even you! So ask away, Sharewood awaits you with open arms!